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05-11-2008, 12:34 PM
The default ambient occlusion node in mental ray has an id_inclexcl parameter which I can't make it work.
Reading the docs it says that I need to assign the id in the .mi file.
Is that something I can do with a mentalRay custom text editor?
What would be the exact syntax?


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hi ...

in the id_inclexcl, a positive integer number means that only objects labeled with the same id number You put here will cause occlusion ... and if the number You put on this id_inclexcl is negative then the object with this integer number as an id will be ignored, but all other will make occlusion ... so what You need to put in here is for example " -1 " ...

and the way to put an id. is by the transformation node of an object, where You have " Transform Attributes ", " Pivots ", " Limit Information ", etc ... here just Attributes>Add Attributes, and make a new one called " miLabel ", Integer, with the number " 1 " ( yes, the same integer number from the id_inclexcl, but positive ... the only place where You need to specify the positive or negative number is in the id_inclexcl, for to tell maya to just cause occlusion the objects with the id number in the case of positive number, or if this number is negative in here, then all objects will make occlusion except the ones with this integer number ) ... You don't need to made this attribute on all objects ... only on the ones You want to exclude from occlusion, because the negative value ...

if You have any fluid, then made an exclude for them too, in the same way ... if not, then You will have some artifacts ... I don't remember exactly if particles too ...

I think this is what You want ... good luck :beer:

05-11-2008, 07:17 PM
Brilliant guys, I'll try out.

Thanks a lot for your quick answers!

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