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05-16-2003, 07:54 AM

05-16-2003, 08:13 AM
whats all that funny text in the l/h side box? lol.

it's a pretty arty image. very nice.

i pressume this is the look ur going for? because the realism of the skin texture and the water droplet are so far away from reality.

i like this image allot, but personally i'd drop the funny text:p

(btw, the text doesn't make sence either. what's the "a" doing in there? it doesn't read right)

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05-16-2003, 09:45 AM
The look is cool but I wondered about that tear. That's not the usual way how a tear flows from the eye. While the textures might look abstract the very model looks rather realistic thus creating a contradiction that imo prevents the image from coming up to it's standards.

I hope I make sense at all. The textures and stuff a very interesting though.

05-16-2003, 10:02 AM
the modeling and texturing of the eye and tear is good, but the face texture seems a bit weird... and move that tear to the tearduct, because otherwise itll look like goos coming from the persons eye :D

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05-16-2003, 12:35 PM
Nice model but your english doesn't make any sense :shrug: Add an eyebrow and create the tear coming from the proper area like already mentioned and I think it will be greatly improved.

05-16-2003, 03:39 PM
everything is great! just lower the bump a little...:airguitar

05-16-2003, 03:49 PM
If you were going for realism then you missed, but I don't think you were so :beer: :thumbsup:

Oh, and I've had tears fall like that so it is possible.

05-16-2003, 04:02 PM
really good work man!!:beer:
but the skin looks a bit 2 bumpy....maybe drop some bumpines and it ill look better????
still, great work!:thumbsup:

05-16-2003, 04:24 PM
where did u get these amazing textures?
is there a link?:beer:

05-16-2003, 04:37 PM
Actually thinking about it the only thing wrong about the tear is that its base (the part connected with the eye) is as if it would bleed out of the eye, however the fluid would be an own coat on the eye that would warp more around the eyeball than the current one.

Either way, still like the first and second versions best. ;)

05-16-2003, 07:10 PM

thanks all

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