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05-08-2008, 03:47 PM
Hi Guys

Think i'm getting a little confused.

Ive got a script that uses ClosestPointOnMesh, when I run it I get the error "cannot find procedure", I've searched the help files and found some info on it so I assume it should be there....

But I've had a google for it and found that it appears to have been replaced with nearestPointOnMesh at some point.

So the question is, has closest been replaced with nearest? If so, I just need to alter the script, if not am I missing something??

I'm using Maya 2008



05-08-2008, 08:52 PM
yes you are right.

Maya comes with nearestPointOnMesh. Check if this plugin in loaded in the plugin manager.
Just try to change it in your script, maybe it works...;)

On the other Hand.... I think the Bonustools delivers the closestPoinOnMesh.mll

05-09-2008, 03:39 AM
Since maya 8, closestPointOnMesh is included. Before that it was available as a bonustool.

But it is a node that you create, rather than a proceedure that you run. Maybe if you show us the code we could comment further.

For example here is one way how you can create and use the CPOM

// create closestPointOnMesh node
// and connect it to the polymesh
string $cpom = eval("createNode closestPointOnMesh -n cpom1");
connectAttr -f mySurface.outMesh ($cpom + ".inMesh");

// create a transform node
// and connect it to the closestPointOnMesh node
string $loc = eval("createNode transform -n loc1");
connectAttr -f ($loc + ".translate") ($cpom + ".inPosition");

// get the uv coords from the closestPointOnMesh node
float $fu = `getAttr ($cpom + ".u")`;
float $fv = `getAttr ($cpom + ".v")`;

So $fu and $fv will be the uv's on the surface that are closest to the $loc transform.

(I have extracted this from another script and editted it so I appologise in advance if I typed something wrong. Hopefully you can still get the meaning)

-- David

05-09-2008, 08:10 AM
Hi Guys

Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it might be something that I have to create (as I saw something similar on an old thread) but as I then saw some comments saying closest has been superceeded with nearest in version 8 or 8.5 I want too sure.

I changed the script form closest to nearest and it works fine now, but I will definatly bear it in mind.

The codes from the Autodesk Modeling with Maths training DVD, which I think if I remember reading the release notes is for version 7??

Cheers for the help its much appreciated.

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