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03-04-2008, 04:43 PM
Still pretty new to modeling but I'd like to think I'm improving. . . Haven't been practicing like I should or I'd probably be better at it. Ah well :P

I'm aiming at sub 3k polys for this model and I'd like to animate/texture it and put it into a realtime engine. I'd love to hear from people how I can improve this as (to me) it doesn't seem finished; seems a little stiff overall, especially the wings (which would be alpha mapped, hence the long single face.)
I changed the head slightly from these shots, I put it down below a little.

Really not sure what to do with it so I'd love to hear suggestions from those with more experience than I have.


new head:



03-05-2008, 08:41 AM
quite nice start you have there...

but for this model to be animated you need a lot of extra geometry. when bending a limb for instance you'll need 3 loops of edges. 1 to keep the shape of the upper leg and one to keep the shape of the lower leg... and one in the middle to blend and keep the shape of the knee.
That goes for the albows as well... and for the wrists ankles, shouldes and where the leg merges with the pelvis.

then we get to the wings... if they have to move like real wings... they basically are two extra arms... only slightly misshapen and with feathers attached. I would recommend to search some info about wing anatomy. Even though they are going to be alphamapped.

finally look around the forum and see if you can find (the search button is a great help here) other people that have made or started a model with your poly range to see how they used there polygons. There is a lot of info on this forum for people to find.

I know this will be very good so stick to it and show your updates! (BTW pictures in you post can be achieved by using the small yellow button above the message field when posting.. just paste in the url and the picture will appear in your post.. people like not having to click links... I know I do :) )


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