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01-06-2008, 08:31 PM
Hi there,

I'm using 3ds max 9 on a windows xp pro sp 2 pc

I already checked the posts for this problem, the max help file, and banged my head
around a while -- but to no avail.

Summary of problem:

I created a sphere1 with 32 segs
I created another sphere2 with 32 segs and made it a hemisphere
I used sphere2 to cut a smile shaped mouth out of sphere1, i.e.
I made sphere1 a proboolean and selected sphere2 to cut.

I converted to editable poly and went into edge subobject
the whole edge of the "mouth" was already nice and cleanly selected (no problems yet)

but once I applied a chamfer to the edge, the edge became scraggly and "wacky" to
be precise

It looks like the boolean operation creates a whole bunch of strange connections and orphaned vertices around the edge. This results in a bad chamfer.

Is there a way to get a clean edge without having to go in and hand tweak every vertex
and move around every edge?

I know there has to be an elegant solution here.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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01-06-2008, 08:31 PM
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