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09-06-2007, 07:27 PM
Hello all. I am a newb at max, so far I've just done a couple of really simple houses/interiors when I was on this basic course, nothing else. But now that I'm done with it I really wanted to turn it up by a notch and I've immediately started working on a human female based on Tifa, a character from final fantasy. I just saw the movie and said ok I'm gonna do that.

So I read quite a bit of stuff online and got informed then started working. My references naturally weren't that great and there is still some adjusting to be done on the actual face but roughly I got what I want from the face for the time being. Now 2 things that have been extremely troubleing for me are the lights and hair. For lights I'm using vray and for hair I'm using hairfx.

Here's my most recent render (plz dont laugh):

Ok first, hair looks horrid. I slapped some make shift polys in paint so you can see from where I emmit hairfx.. but it doesn't quite follow what I tell it to do (it differs from my hairfx lines in the viewport).

Second.. how do I make glossy effect? Do I need a specular map for it? I imagine it would look black with a white stripe, but I don't know where to put it.

2 bad shadows - one below the nose - why are the nostrels like, emmiting light? And no shadow below them? The light source is indicated by the yellow line. The second one is the jacket casting a wrong shadow on the white shirt, also indicated.

Theres a black stain on the lip. My guy instincts tell me it is too glossy so it burns out, but I'm unable to quite put a finger on it.

Oh and I did the eyebrows/lashes with hair & fur from max, but opted for hairfx for the hair because Hair and fur doesn't support lightning under vray.

Again the complete hair looks just like a mess. How do I make it look more realistic, like the flow and the roots to look better. And just to stress again, 90% of the stuff I did was my first try, so anything you say might help me.

Thanks a lot in advance!

edit: can someone move this please in the 3d stills? I accidently posted it in the animation WIP section.

edit2: I'll just make a topic there since mods don't seem to be that active in this section, when you get the chance just delete this.

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