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08-26-2007, 10:34 PM
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Title: Kimons biggest Victory
Name: Zrinko Kozlica
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everyone!

Much time has passed since my last submission but this is a work that i wanted to share with you!

At firsth the standard Facts for those who dont want to read much hehe:

Full Resolution Image:

Time needed: I think about 30 hours or so,..spread over nearly 4 weeks,..(holiday season)

Title: Kimons biggest victory
(i chose the title myself as the title of the story would contain some information the author doesnt want to spoil ;-), i apologize)

Its the Cover Art for an Halo Fan Fiction Project about which i cant tell much,..a friend of mine is writing the story. The Artwork reflects one of the more important moments in the Story, a story about an Sangheili (better known as "Elite") from the Halo Universe.

I tried to reach a good amount of details in this piece,..also experimented with new techniques (at least for me) for texturing, lighting and shading things like scratches and so on. Also some experimenting with depth of field effect,.i hope its not too dominant in the picture. The scene is described relatively detailed in the story,.but i lets also a good amount of free room for intepretation,..so it was fun to create a interesting picture to look at (well, at least i hope so ;-) ). Well,..for things like Materials, Color Palette and so on the Halo Universe is full of great reference material so it was more of an choosing-process rather then inventing.

Well,..i think my own personal main goal was to create an Halo Artwork that has at least a little bit of the awesomeness (i hope thats an english word) of the Stuff seen in the Halo Graphic Novel, the Halo Zune gallery and so much other great sources of Halo Artwork, and the games of course. I hope ive achieved this goal =).

So as i dont want to write here a book and bother you with my passion for Halo ill stop at this Point. Any critics and comments are greatly appreciated. Greetz to all Halo fans out there and to all People involved in this great Franchsie, all Bungie folks (thx for Halo an everything else), and of course to the great community here at CG Talk!

Best Regards

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