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05-27-2007, 08:17 PM
hello friends!
I have a couple of doubts:
1) whats the best light type to use for production?
2) Is there any consideration given to max number of lights in a scene?
3) Are area lights better than spots as fill lights ( withought shadow casting turned on)??

I use maya


05-28-2007, 03:48 PM
1: What's the best length for a piece of string?

2: More lights means longer render times, but there is no set limit.

3: Area lights are mostly used for soft shadows. Without shadows, it does not matter. However, you can also use area lights for softer highlights, so it really depends.

05-28-2007, 09:21 PM
1- There's no such thing as "The Best type of light to use in production"
you can think of light types as tools... just like modeling tools... it doesn't matter wich modeling tools you use as long as they get the model done "efficiently"... (Y am I talking about modeling on the Lighting forums??)

2-"Zero" would be very efficient to render but would it get the job done??
in some cases more lights are even more efficient (for example an array of spot lights casting lowRes shadow maps can be more efficient than one spot casting HiRes Shadow map)
Lots of negative lights can fake some kind of occlusion and save hell alot of render time (and waste hell alot of working time)

3-Been through that situation once... and I haven't tested it in animation...
But YES, they sometimes are, as long as you use them carefully (don't go and turn all your Fill lights into area lights)

Area Lights are some times good for simulating Bounces frome walls when there's sth near that wall that you want to have the light wrap around like what a real bounce from the wall would do...

Just don't make that area light as big as the wall... remember you will need some samples on that light (it's not free) but the good thing about it that light Rays calculate much faster than shadow rays... and you're not casting shadows.


05-29-2007, 06:54 AM
mina and captain,
Thanks for ur inputs. That gives me some idea..
I am looking for more opnions from lighting wizs/gurus in this forum


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