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05-16-2007, 08:58 PM
I'm in a wierd spot. everyone who sees my work tells me, URGES me, to get work doing 3D for pay.

I have been a 2D designer/illustrator for about 15 years, and have done 3D for myself, but have picked up a few bucks here and there. most of my "book" is personal work. I do what I want to do, and my goal is my artistic vision.

now that I've decided to put actual effort in trying to get clients for 3D work, I'm a bit stumped as to who might want it!

Lots of my collegues or clients will say "It's great. but I'm not sure how we would use it..."
which is a wierd idea for me, bcs I can think of all kinds of uses for 3D imagery and animation, but I'm not sure who to target as a prospect.

Anyone have suggestions as to areas or types of clients to pursue? My first volley of sending out samples and query letters was to ad agencies in the area, but they tend, like I said, to be the "Nice but we don't need it" crowd.

thanks for any pointers or ideas.

One thing I have in my favor: an enormous capacity for self-marketing and cold-calling.


05-16-2007, 09:54 PM
any link to a web page to see some sampl,e of your work ? that might help people to give you advice :wise::)

05-16-2007, 10:18 PM

here it is: www.coffeeonmars.com

thanks! guess I spaced that aspect right out!


05-17-2007, 06:27 PM
I'm in a similar position right now. One thing I have noticed is that 3D does have the ability to get people excited, especialy those who don't see a lot of it or deal with it every day.

So the way I'm thinking at the moment is instead of trying meet an existing need for 3D via existing agencies, who all tend to have suppliers in place any way, why not try to create your own market by sending reels to people who may never have seen an animation reel before in their life, like local businessmen and companies- if they like what they see and are excited by it they may well invent a need for it- sounds odd I know, but human nature is a big factor in selling anything, and people can be very impressed by even quite simple things if their experience is limited.

Steve Warner
05-22-2007, 08:34 PM
now that I've decided to put actual effort in trying to get clients for 3D work, I'm a bit stumped as to who might want it!
Hi Narph,

I think you're going about this the wrong way. 3D is not a product or feature that you can sell to someone. It's a skill and tool that you use to solve specific problems.

By and large, people are not looking for "3D." They are looking for solutions to their problems. If you can solve their problems faster/easier/better with 3D than other techniques, then you'll have no problem finding clients.

Here at work, we use 3D to help visualize difficult concepts such as tactical maneuvers and combat procedures. We didn't ask the Air Force if they wanted 3D. They didn't. We just started using it because it was easier to get results with a program like LightWave than it was using a program like Flash. However now that they've seen what we can do, they're beginning to request more complex graphics and animations. And 3D will play an integral part in providing solutions to their problems.

If you're already working as a designer, begin integrating 3D elements into your designs. Use LightWave in conjunction with Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash to make your designs stand out more than the competition. Always remember that 3D is a tool that allows you to get the job done, not a feature that indues your work with "desirable" properties.

Hope that helps!

05-24-2007, 05:19 PM
Here are some ideas (hopefully you don't live next to me!!!):

1) Hit up your local video production companies. Many times they have a client projects that require something to be animated and/or illustrated.

2) Medical & Technical companies usually need illustrations for their products.

3) If you like architectural stuff there is usally allot of work in that area. So you would go after local development firms, builders and architects. A friend of mine keeps fairly busy in this area.

4) Another area that might be a little more difficult to pursue is leagle/court room "demonstrative evidence" type of animations. So going after law firms would be the road here.

5) Ad agencies & PR firms may use you from time to time. Like you said, they like it but may not immediately know how they would use it.

The key with all of these is to always keep yourself "in their face" so they do not forget that 3D illustration and animation is an option for them. Build an email list of all of these potential clients and send out a monthly "What's New" email or something showing your recent 3D work (or even make up a fake client & project just to look like your are doing "real" work).

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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