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Sick Spider
03-21-2007, 11:38 PM
Ok, Lets say i have a *.ma file with Lots of ref nodes in it saved somewhere.
I'm in a new scene and i want to load that file with only some of the ref nodes.
I start with :
$myFile = "Location/BlahBlahi.ma";
than to see the refNodes that come with that file i do:
file -o -buildLoadSettings $myFile;
Now, here comes the prob', 1st', i can't put that into an arry, i can't save
the nodes list, Maya saves it in a temp string called "implicitLoadSettings".
How do i get it ?
How do i use it ?

From what i saw i can do :
//--load ALL ref in the scene--//
file -o -loadAllReferences $myFile
//--Load the scene with NO ref loaded in--//
file -o -loadNoReferences $myFile
//--load the file only with the defered, DOESN"T WORK !--//
file -o -loadAllDeferred 1 $myFile;

related files found:
related commands found:

Any ideas, how can i load the file with only one (or whatEver node i want) that i select, and not all of them loaded or unloaded ?
Never played too much with referencing... don't know if i like it yet..just playing with it :-P
Thank You.
found the answer. :-)

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03-21-2007, 11:38 PM
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