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03-15-2007, 09:37 PM
A free update patch for PD Pro 4 has been released and is available for downlaoding to users of v4.0 or 4.0a. VErsion 4.0b is a maintenance release with several bug fixes and a few speed improvements, as some more filters were changed to use the new multi-threading framework to benefit from multi-core system architectures.

What's been Fixed & Improved:

The Palette from buffer plugin is now more of a palette arranger, with the
ability to create spreads. You can also click to change a single color on the palette plugin.

2 additional filters are now explicitly multithreaded and should run even faster on multi-core systems: Value only contrast, and color noise.

Fixed some bugs on the Animation Timeline's group of filters to 'Composite with Image Sequence': support for BMP sequence is now more robust and no longer has conflicts with the Undo system. Cell edge composition lets you recomposite cell edges after doing ink and paint. (great for cartooning, Anime,...) For one of the filters, the name was changed to cell edge to reflect its intended use in cell animation compositing.

The Snowfall filter now also has a value slider, as a new feature. It lets you change the brightness of the snow particles. In the past, they were white only, and hard to see against a bright sky background. Now you can also make dark raindrops with it (when using high velocity at the same time). You can also keyframe the brightness and other values for dramatic effects, such as shockwaves.

a bug has been fixed with particle brushes in 'Brush' style. When the image was zoomed in or out (i.e. different from 100%), the particles would previously appear at positions different from the mouse pointer. The remapping has been fixed, so that it's now possible to work with particle brushes in 'Brush' style even while zoomed in.
At the same time, several new tutorials have been posted, showing how to use PD Pro for blue screen compositing, or compositing with image sequences containing Alpha channels with opacify masks.

Details can be found here:




More tutorials are in the works for techniques in compositing cell images to restore outlines on colorized animation cells.


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