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11-11-2006, 09:57 AM
This is my demo reel from sometimes ago, hope you guys enjoy!


11-12-2006, 07:21 AM
Umm... well, okey... first things first: you know how to use a 3d program; in case you did all of the work for that short, you know the basics of modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging , skinning and animation. That´s cool man, not everyone can say that, including me, im just learning how to do all of that stuff, now that im making my first animated short.

So.. with that being said, here are my crits:

- You have to find an interesting visual style you like, and polish it until it looks good (to you and to the people you trust the most) ; i dont mean making hiperrealistic stuff, or complicated or ultra detailed models... i mean, something visually appealing.
It doesn´t matter if it is all black and white, or if the characters are made with cubes or whatever... it has to grab the viewers attention.

This is my personal opinion though, and opinions are subject to personal tastes, but i really didn´t like the visual aspect of your short; you have a very cartoony albeit somewhat boring landscape, but your characters aren´t that cartoony.... it looks kinda off.

- Study color theory; that helps a lot in the way of graving viewers attention; selecting the textures and colors you´ll use for telling your story should not be a random process; im not saying that you did it randomly, it´s just that the color palette and textures of the short it´s all over the place... you have extremely saturaded colors, a few greys, planar colors, degraded colors, some cartoony textures, some more real textures, etc.

- Your characters doesn´t seem to belong to the same universe.... they´re too different from each other, modeling and texturing wise. And there´s definitely room for improvement with the characters design.

- The animation... man, im not a good animator at all, im just learning the basics, but anyway, for what its worth .. you got to keep practicing and making more and more stuff, that way you´ll get better with every outing. The animation in that short looks way off to me, i mean the timing, the spastics movements; There´s little to no sense of weight in the characters.

Look, with all of this i reaaaally dont want to discourage you, believe me, i know that critics hurt when you put so much work on a piece... but i think that its all about taking the hits you know, keep walking (yea.. trite but true).

When someone criticizes my works, first it always hurts a bit, but then i start to realize that most of the things that he or she said to me where true (of course, you got to know who to ask)... you just have to distance somehow from your work and try to look at it the most objective way that you can... and you will start to see it too ( also, you have to decide wich critics you´ll take into acount and which not)

Well, i hope some of what i wrote helps; good luck to you :)

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