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11-05-2006, 09:23 PM
One of my family member, just recently reinstalled its computer. There was an error saying that there was limited or no connectivity connection. The only way that I found how to fix it was to disable the WEP security.

I didn't want to disable it so I thought I would reset new network keys. Then every computer in the house got the "limited or no connectivity" message. It was working fine before...Does anyone know how to make this thing work with the WEP security enabled?

We're all using Windows xp Pro SP2.

11-06-2006, 01:07 PM
If you were a bit more specific, you might have found a bit more replies - like this, we have to play a guessing game. Still, I was able to extrapolate from your post that you're using a wireless router with a Windows XP network, a situation I myself have at home, so I'll try to help. Your problem is network security - you reset the network keys, but have you updated the receiveing computers with the new keys? If you haven't, they're trying to use the old key to decrypt the network, which obviously can't work. I would also suggest you to avoid using WEP and switch to a newer encrypting protocol, such as WPA2/PSK, if possible - WEP is old and fairly easy to bypass. In general, I found that tinkering with encryptions can be a bit of a touch-and-go process, but if you retrace your steps and set the correct encryption protocol and key on every system, you should get it to work fine. Also, if you have hidden SSID, make sure that you typed in the correct SSID on each system. And finally, even when you set everything up properly, sometimes you might get a 'limited or no connectivity' message - in this case, I found that a simple restart usually fixes the problem. You might want to check that you have as little electronic equipment near your router (and between the router and the receivers) as possible - some of it can affect signal strenght (such as certain frequency wireless phones, etc.)

11-06-2006, 07:37 PM
yes all the computer in this house use a wireless network connection so we have a linksys wireless router.
Could you tell me how I can make sure the computers are updated with the new network keys?

11-07-2006, 07:33 AM
Depends on the receiver(s) you're using on each receiving system. Most of them use their own software, rather then the windows built-in support. In any case, since the network used to work before, I'm guessing you already have the software support installed on the receiving system, in which case an appropriate icon for it should be visible in the system tray (note that the appearance of this icon may vary, especially if you're using different makes of receivers in your systems. Still, the software options should be fairly similar for all of them). Use this icon to open up the receiver's software. Under 'site survey' you should be able to see a list of all the wireless networks in range - select your own and connect to it using the exact same SSID (network name), encryption protocol (I recommend WPA2) and network key you set up on your router. Also, make sure that you save these options (on my network at home this option is called 'profiles' - once you set everything up properly you save it under a profile so your system can automatically reconnect when you restart. If you have an old profile saved from before, delete it to avoid confusion). Once you get everything to work and you have saved these options under a profile, repeat the procedure for every system in your network. That's it, just note that sometimes, upon restart, you may still get a 'limited or no connectivity' error - in this case just restart the receiving system in question.

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