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09-28-2006, 03:09 AM
Hi, I was hoping I could get some info for modelling in ZBrush. The image you see is being modelled (not by me, and not in Z ) with eye lids shut.
Is this possible in ZBrush? And when taken to another program like Modo or C4D, would you have to "cut" it so that it moves in an animation?

I've seen all kinds of models done in ZBrush, then when I seen this pic, it dawned on me about "blinking" characters, especially high poly cartoon ones. Any info on this process would be great!


09-28-2006, 12:02 PM
Lids as in the Geri example can be modelled both open and closed in ZB.

1./ Model the lids closed at all the required levels, and save the ZTL.
2./ Export an OBJ model at level 1 (to Maya for instance), and there
rotate the relevant verts into an open position (with clusters etc.)*
3./ Import back to your ZTL in ZB (still at level 1) and switch morph
targets in the Morph pallete
4./ Fine-tune modeling etc.

* This part could equally be re-modeled as a re-imported OBJ in ZBrush
instead, of course....

You could then drive the blendShapes with clusters through SDK by hook-
ing up the two meshes (open/closed), to rotate them...

09-28-2006, 07:04 PM
ArtWookie, thanks for the reply. Ah, you make it sound so easy.
clusters etc.) 3./ Import back to your ZTL in ZB (still at level 1) and switch morph
targets in the Morph pallete

That went right over my head, Clusters, Morph Target and Morph palletes. All new stuff to me, lots to grow on I guess. Its a bit of a challenge getting use to all the terms.
But I have this saved as part of my RTF notes for ZBrush. And I'll try and figure it out and apply your suggestions once I get advanced enough. Thanks again, just not ,my time yet I guess.

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