View Full Version : The "Origin" needs your support!

Angel Jotiko
08-30-2006, 06:33 PM
Hello to you all!

We are a group of artists and writers which has been volunterely formed at:
http:\\www.cgtalk.co.il (the Israeli cgtalk)

We are in the process of making our first colaborated short animation, a combination
of sci-fi and fantsy.
it is based on a wild planet far far away deep in the exact center of the universe...

Origin aims to be a comic movie involving variations of new age and spirituality ideas..

so far we have gotten along nicely with verbal discription of the characters and the script
now we're going fast in splashing colors on the pencil sketches we made for them..

what we need is 2d and 3d artists who has an inspiring imagination to help us kick this little project up the hill..

we will appreciate any help and we'll welcome anyone who would wanna help us with this..
if you do wanna help us, you will offcourse get full credit for that and would have the honor to present this movie in any platform or media.. simply a side bonus for the pleasure of working with a great team on a great concept...

we believe it can be the smashing demo reel to show off when applying for any CG job

here are a few example of the movie's characters so far..

08-30-2006, 10:07 PM
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