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08-15-2006, 06:02 PM
I've been having this problem off and on but it seems much worse the last couple of days.

I open Painter and the last workspace I used does not load properly. Only one or two palettes are open (I keep almost all the palettes open on my second monitor).
If I load the Default Workspace, the palletes all snap to where they should be. If I try to load a Workspace of my own, I get the spinning beachball and after several seconds, Painter quits.

Yesterday, after coming up against this problem again, I launched Painter with the Shift key down and reset everything. Ended up spending a good chunk of time rentering my Key Sets and putting things back where I want them. Today, it's happening again.

Is there something I can hit or kick or delete without having to start all over again on my preferences to eliminate the problem?

Painter 9.5.324
OS X (10.3.9)

08-15-2006, 10:11 PM
try re installing it ? i had a problem with photoshop but it went when i re installed.

08-16-2006, 12:19 AM
Hi Mark,

Others may have a different way of doing this, but I created a back-up folder and exported my custom palettes to it. I have a copy of my custom brush categories saved, as well as several key set versions and my favorite plugins so it's not time consuming to re-set my workspace when I'm forced to use the Shift method to get IX back to its default state when things start getting wierd.

After using Shift to reset IX, I drag a copy of my custom brush categories and jpg's into the Brush folder and then it's a matter of closing default palettes I don't want and importing and arranging the custom one's. Then I save the layout. Next I open Preferences>Customize Keys and load the keyset I want. As for the plugins, I drag a copy of the shortcuts I've saved into the plugin folder and I'm good to go in about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps a little.


08-16-2006, 08:13 AM
I agree with Munk as I have a backup folder on a different drive with ALL my custom Painter Settings. Whenever I make a settings change, I ALWAYS backup the folder again.

You may find this thread helpful:




08-16-2006, 01:59 PM
It looks like the Painter Settings file may be what I was looking for. I'll add the folder that file is in to my nightly backup and create a fresh copy of the Presets file and exported Key Sets for those times when things gets corrupted.

Thanks for all the tips.
Anyone know what the difference is between the Painter Settings and Painter Presets files?

08-17-2006, 08:17 PM
These basic file descriptions were gleaned from viewing the data contained in each of the following files on the PC

Painter.frs file deals with the Selection Porffolio/Mover palette.

Painter.nzl file deals with the Nozzle Library/Mover palette.

Painter.pap file deals with the Papers/Mover palette.

Painter.pcs file deals with the Color Sets palette.

Painter.por file deals with the Image Portfolio/Mover palette.

Painter.ptl file deals with the Patterns/Mover palette.

Painter.SSD file deals with the Scripts/Mover palette.

Painter.PRE file deals with the Colors palette, the Weaves/Mover, Lighting/Mover, Gradient/Mover and Looks/ Mover selector palettes which are located in the Tool Box. In addition, there are associations between the Looks brush categories, like the Image Hose, Cloners, Pattern Pens and some default libraries when a particular Looks variant is created and saved. The new Auto-Painting palette also has stroke data stored in this file.

KodakOP.ini file deals with Color Management.

Puiconfig.xml file deals with the Brush Creator palette.

Box.id file contains the Painter Sketchbook data.

asifont.map file contains a list of default fonts for Painter.

Painter.SET file contains things that are not controlled by the Painter.Pre file. Things like the following: Nozzle command.PKS, Brushes Control palettes, Dynamic Plugins, Recently opened documents, Palette layouts and the last used brush variant definition data.

Tracker Settings.xml file deals with the Tracker palette.

Pre-Built Brush File: This file is located in the User's/Corel/Painter IX/Brushes folder. A brush variants default definition is compressed to minimize the Brush Category's file size. When a brush variant is opened the first time, it is automatically uncompressed and stored in the PBF for instant access should it be needed again after switching to a new variant. The PBF has a maximum size limit of 200 MB's. Painter automatically maintains this limit by removing older variants using a first in, first out policy so the limit can not be exceeded. The file can be deleted to reclaim hard disk space and a new PBF is generated to replace it upon opening the program.

Painter.MXS file controls the Mixer palette.

Painter.MSW file contains the Color Swatches for the Mixer palette.

PainterDialogs.rsr file controls the Painter dialog boxes in
conjuction with the Painter.rsr file.

Painter.rsr file controls error messages for all dialog commands
and XML errors.

The DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files interact other Painter files as well as with those of the Windows Operating System.

**NEVER edit any of these files unless you know what you are doing and have made backups first.


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