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08-15-2006, 12:44 AM
(Maya 7)
Ok, so I just rebuilt this rig, and I'll be damned, but it is having problems after I save, go to bed and reopen it the next day.

I'll provide the files, I'd love some suggestions... my orient constraints on the wrist controllers died... no clue why, but it has happened with my last rig too. (Is there a constraint limit for a rig or something?)

Also, something I noticed, the damn thing isn't keyable! I can't animate it, which makes my painting weights somewhat rough (and, well... pointless.). I was going to animate the arm going from raised to down so I can weight shoulder girdle while scrubbing through the timeline... but... bugger.

Help, oh great sages.

Broken Rigs .mb files (http://www.brandedmonkey.com/maya/dbmata_brokenrigs.zip)

Oh yeah, while the model is not mine, the rig is, and I'd love any pro critique on how it's setup to this point. Suggestions would rock too.

08-16-2006, 06:30 AM
Hey man, I took a quick look at it, problem seems to be that you have constraints on top of constraints, which is bad :). For instance, if you have a controller object that you want to be parent constrained to something, but you also want it to be orient constrained to another object. The best thing to do is actually set-up your hierarchy so that you have it actually parented (not constrained) to one object, and then orient constrained to another. That way you only have one constraint on the actual object.

If you really want to use constraints and not parenting, then you need to group the object, parent constrain the group, and then have the orient constraint on the object itself. Basically, you never want two constraints on a single attribute unless you're setting up a blend switch for something like Ik/Fk switching. GREEN = BAD, when you have a parent constraint and an orient constraint on the same object, you have two things trying to pull on the same rotations at the same time, thus the problem. Also, you have alot of your channels locked and hidden, you might wanna free some of those up, that's why you can't even rotate your wrist with the controller.

Anyway, I hope this was in some way useful. Happy rigging.

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08-16-2006, 06:30 AM
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