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01-21-2003, 09:19 PM
I am just starting out with LW and trying my first simple animation.The problem is that at first i could see the model ok! but when i came to animate it all i could see is a bounding box,after reading the manual i found the discription of the box and how to change the threshold.

I set this to 7000 the lowest it would work at, does this sound ok and what should i upgrade if necessary

the system is windows 98,which i would like to keep

AMD 800

Ram 384

Nvidia TNT2 64k

Would more Ram make any difference,also if in modler i try to turn ,say the detailed skull that comes with LW,then it takes a long time for a responce from moving the mouse to seeing it move on the screen,is this a ram or graphics card problem .Even with this hick-up I have to say i am happy with LW, mind you i am just starting out

01-22-2003, 12:44 AM
Basically, if you want to see the object the whole time in layout's viewport, then set the bounding box threshold to a higher number than the amount of polygons you have in the scene.

I would also suggest upgrading your graphics card to an NVidia GeForce based one. Even with an old MX based card, you should get a nice performance boost in OpenGL.

I'm not too sure though if Win98 is the greatest platform for OpenGL. :hmm:

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