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06-23-2006, 03:29 AM
Hello again all you 2ders. I am working on my second painting and I am sorta stuck, I cant figure out if I have the neck correct or not. I have no single referance I am just using some books and the internet trying to get the anatomy right. Anyways in this painting the girl is looking to her right along her shoulder and her body is basicly facing forward and I just cant seem to find a decent referance that shows how the muscles might should be. I dont really have any set plans for this painting but I am thinking perhaps she will be an archer and maybe later on it will be a scene.

Also if anybody has any other critiques and such I would be glad to hear them aswell.


06-23-2006, 04:19 PM
I like the shadow.:thumbsup: Will you put colors on it?

My suggestions as to how improve this : (feel free to take only what you want)

- the ear seems a little bit too low
- the back/top of the head is not big enough
- the big vein in the neck could be moved toward left
- nose = bizarre shape (but if this is the shape you want, no problem)

I drew some lines to support what I mean :


06-24-2006, 07:04 AM
I am not to certain if I will put this into color, maybe later when and if I ever get this to a full scene. For now its only practice for anatomy and getting better at painting in general.

I moved the ear up a bit wich might not be to apparent but it is. The head I proly wont change because later I will most likley be adding in some sorta hair so its not so important. The vein I also moved in more towards the ear wich may not be so apparent either. The nose I might change I am not so sure yet.

So anyways I got a small update. I am kinda slow at this painting thing as I am new and am sorta a perfectionist lol. So anyways I changed a couple of the fore mentioned things and I also changed the muscles in the neck into what I hope is more anatomicly correct???? I also started with the left hand (the one that pulls back the string) and its pretty tough to get a "realistic" looking hand so any crits with that would be much appreciated. I think that about covers it, please critique away.


06-25-2006, 03:32 AM
Alright here is another update.

I am still wondering if anybody could let me know if the neck muscles are accurate I would really appreciate it. And any other further critiques and that would be great aswell.


06-25-2006, 03:48 AM
okie i looked at this a few times and i thought i would give it my 2 cents.

first you asked about neck muscles, they are kinda off.

as is you should think about rough sketching her out first before you decide to do the most important stuff.

you need to work on your anatomy. it's not horrible but it does need some help.

proportions is a big thing here and the way the body is positioned.

think about the way you want her stance to be and the way you want her to look. sketch out a few roughs then pick what you like best.

do a rough then build upon it. go over anatomy books and look at other people notes and sketches to get an idea.

there are alot of how to draw books by comic book artists or tuts on the web. there are some really good places on the web for anatomy too.

keep working at it and keep questioning yourself before you ask others. learn to critique your self, it helps when you want to do something that you want to look really good.

06-25-2006, 12:24 PM
Secretasianman: I will start by saying that I think the head is the part that may be a touch off in its direction, perhaps it is not turned toward the viewer enough, likewise the body angle could be changed aswell to take care of the problem. However I dont think I will do either as this is mostly just practice I dont expect to win awards with this and plus it took me long enough to get to this point the way it is. :D I did fix up the anatomy and proportions though... I hope. Oh and I will most certainly continue to study anatomy and proly my next painting I will try doing sketches beforehand.

Here is an update:

It is still pretty rough, I hope to get the shading blended better later and finish up the rest of the body then do hair and all other extras. So other then the direction of the head and or body please critique away.:D


06-26-2006, 04:48 AM
Alright here is another update. I changed a few things I hope its getting better. I know the muscles are rather large for a female but its an anatomy study and I rather look at a female then a male all day lol.:) Please critique and comment and whatever anything will help.


06-26-2006, 09:16 PM
Alright here is another update, I finished the body for the most part, the feet I think I am going to leave only this detailed as I think they will be covered up in the final scene if I can create something I have in mind. I also painted up some hair and the bow. Please comment critique and so on. Next I think I will try to do some sorta clothin/armor of some sort and then begin with the environment.


06-28-2006, 03:30 AM
Well my old friend, this just sucks donkeys you know what, give it up.

06-28-2006, 03:30 AM
Oh, alright.

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