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05-22-2006, 08:23 PM
I'm sure I've seen a topic about this before, but I couldnt find it! So I'll ask again (maybe there are a few more other than me wondering the same thing).

I keep getting this message in the output window:

"API 0.0 warn 302018: type conflict: "ambientColor" is type color, "maya_color_to_vector" returns type vector"

I'm rendering with mental ray, and have several occlusion textures connected to ambient colors.

Can someone point me in the direction where the problem could be? Thank you very much.

05-22-2006, 09:12 PM
It's just an informational warning that some shader connections had to be cast from one type to another, using some built-in help shaders.

Sometimes you plug vector outputs into color inputs - for some reason the maya contrast node for example returns a vector, though one would expect a color. However, typically you plug the vector output of this node into some color slot. This will result in the warning 'type conflict: "color" is type color, "maya_contrast" returns type vector'. The API warns you that a little helper shader, named maya_vector_to_color has been inserted to cast the type from vector to color (you can look up this shader in the mayabase.mi in your maya\mentalray\include folder).

To cut it short: it's nothing you have to be worried about, it's not an actual problem as you supposed.

But: some shader's types cannot be cast, and you would immediately notice that because mr would stop and return an error like 'incorrect member "outValue", "mib_illum_blinn" does not return a struct'. Which means you cannot access the single components (r, g, b for example) of certain shaders. I guess you could overcome this by manually inserting the help shader, maybe via a phenomenon, but if possible you better completely circumvent the shaders that dont work this way (most of the mr base shaders).

05-23-2006, 02:15 AM
Ok! I see! I was worried about it making my render times slower. There´s any way to actually disable this messages? They kinda freak me out! :P

Thank you for explaining me this, now I have a problem solved (one that I actually never had, but anyway lol).

Well, I guess this thread could be achieved now.

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