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05-20-2006, 02:37 AM
I am trying to apply two different materials with two different texture on the same object I've tried deleting uv's and re automapping the object but nothing helps. Did I bake in the original texture and now even if I try to reassign the uv's via a planar map or automap it makes no difference because the original texture is baked in because of deleting history?

05-20-2006, 01:55 PM
Two textures can be put on the same object using the layered-texture node. Two materials can be done with the layered-shader node. You can use the same uv's for both textures. But if you need different uv's for each texture you can create multiple uv maps. If you use multiple uv maps deleting history wont upset them. (In most cases you do want to delete history).

There are several related subjects here. I couldnt tell from you picture where exactly you are having difficulty.

05-22-2006, 12:31 PM
It looks like you have two surfaces on top of each other. And they are having a Z-fight.
Did you extrude the object?

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