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05-16-2006, 02:35 PM
Hello, all. I am using AE 6.5 and using the CC Light Burst effect on a layer, twice, layered over each other. This has worked in the past, just fine and dandy, and yesterday the strangest problem kicked in...

As soon as the light burst effect kicked in, it shifted the whole layer up and to the left, but the effect still happened where it was supposed to. The layer moved back when it was finished. And then I fixed it, or I thought I had, and VOILA! It happened again. I have removed all position and scale keyframes from this layer, no help. Redid the effect with keyframes from the ground up, nada. I literally copied and pasted the effect into a new comp, new layer, and it works fine. Any clue as to what may be happening? I didn't think AE did buggy stuff like this (I'm a Maya girl, mainly, so I'm used to voodoo in that world. Unless it's me and not a buggy thing at all.

Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated.

05-31-2006, 10:59 PM
My bet is on 'buggy'. I get those jumpy layers too, mostly with effects, parented layers and large layers. Blending modes too, sometimes. Hm. Well, let's just say it happens with nearly anything that's bigger than tv-rez and more complicated than the basic transforms. My highly educated guess is it's AE running out of, er, something.

Sometimes nesting the problematic layer helps, and if the problem occurs with a composition layer, nesting that composition into another, and using the result might work as well. The way I see it is that sometimes AE just doesn't get what it's supposed to do and in which order, and - besides being a handy way to organize the master composition - nesting also gives AE a clearer To Do -list than a jumble of assorted layers might.

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