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12-12-2002, 05:42 AM
uhh my last one kind of disapeared when the servers screwed up so im going to post this again

tell me what sucks so i can improve upon it

program: lightwave 7.0
shaders: ogo hikari sss, fast frensel
poly count: 750,000
back drop: hdri image
lighting: 3 point,
ligt type: 3 spot lights
render time: 19 hours
radiosity: not used

this thing has just about every surface on it that i can think are usefull and all the textures were painted by hand

if you can even tell me ways to speed up my render time i would be very greatful

thanks for taking soem time out to look at my stuff


12-13-2002, 05:11 AM
wow like 52 vies and no commetns man i must suck bad ...:hmm:

12-13-2002, 05:14 AM
actualy its very good looking to me, but I don't really know any way to improve it.

12-13-2002, 05:14 AM
actualy its very good looking to me, but I don't really know any way to improve it.

12-13-2002, 05:25 AM
Hi spider, well yesterday i was taking a look to your gallery and i really like it, if is some way to improve this image is by working in the refraction of the glass, is too much, see ya

12-13-2002, 05:30 AM
wow i really like that, hmm only possible sugestion would be make the actualy cup part of it just a bit thiner, the martini glasses i have are quite thin around the cup part

12-13-2002, 07:12 PM
thanks for the ideas on how to improve i will make the cup a bit thinner

and i will double check my refraction index of glass

i could have sworen it was 1.517

also my freind (who doesnt do 3d art) said and i quote "dude you suck tile isnt nearly that dam reflective"

yea i think thats something elese to work on hehe be back soon with another render

12-13-2002, 07:23 PM
And don't forget the freakin' olive....:shrug:

12-13-2002, 08:26 PM
and yes remi just for you there will be an olive hehehehe

01-06-2003, 09:16 PM
ok heres an update (with an olive just for oyu remi)

difrent camera angel and rendered with a single area light

because of the area light the render time jumped up to 181 hours good lord thats a long time

any way tell me what you thinkof the update or if anything elese is wrong

01-06-2003, 09:48 PM
olive is lookin pretty good, but its a little small tho! maybe u could make it a little bigger?

01-06-2003, 10:13 PM
19 hours to render?

Are you doing something wrong?

01-06-2003, 10:30 PM
I think that's a 181 hour render....7.541666667 days!

Looks sweet though! I love me some HDRI!

(my shot glass image was HDRI with Brazil for Max 5)--it's so fun!

01-07-2003, 05:27 AM
no the 19 hours is

cause ray trace everything is turned on with sub surface scatering turned on

and the glass is something like 75000 polys

...that is i could be doing something wrong if you know a trick to cut render times down on glass objects

01-07-2003, 06:10 AM
Very nice olive.

The grout area between you tiles looks rather large.

01-07-2003, 01:15 PM
Is there a reflection and refraction bounce parameter in Lightwave? If so, see how many times it's bouncing for both and test out different numbers and compare their differences to the quality of the rendering....

01-09-2003, 06:49 AM
ok i decided to take a picture of what i am trying to pull off

does any one have any more ideas on how to improve the shot
like the olive for some reason it looks really wrong to me

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