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02-17-2006, 07:25 AM
Hi everyone this is another model Iím working on.
Iím not really that great of a modeler (yet!) but I'm self-teaching my way to it so please be HARSH on your critique and I'll try not to cry when I take it. I like to create characters and give them an environment and build as much info about them as possible.


Ok now... The concept is a monster/ogre that has evolved to adapt to his environment. He will be very strong, enough to carve through stone with his hands. He'll also need to eat a lot (carnivore) and have fair amounts of body fat that will keep him warm in the mountains. He has a human structure meaning two arms and two legs, walks strait but helps himself with his hands for extra balance when climbing or running through rough lands. His arms are long enough to do this. His facial attributes are built to endure his habitat, rocky caves, and are also fit to defend his vital facial organs (eyes, ears, etc) against the animals he fights. He has great smelling sense but has just fair vision (similar to a human) and hearing.

His behavior is like that of a gorilla in some aspects... He is mainly pacific, he hunts to eat or dress (he does have very basic clothing abilities). He is fairly smart but very primitive. Kills his prey by chocking, crushing or smashing making use of his strength... He's also known to use rocks as primitive tools or weapons.

Like most humans... his arms provide little protection for his back so nature has provided him with spikes sticking out from his back to prevent canine or feline animals to jump his back and attack his neck. Females would have less sharp and more bulky spikes and would carry their young in their backs. They have spikes pointing out of everywhere. It's very common on them to have some of these spikes broken. Some are made from the bone structure some are hard skin surface. Their skin is very hard and in some places is as hard as a rock. Thatís why these creatures really appreciate baths in water or mud.

They are very sociable and travel in small packs with an alpha male leading the pack. They have the instinct to protect the young ones and provide for them until they have reached a state of reasonable maturity. They also have a sense of entertainment... they are known to play with rocks and can actually laugh. Due to their appearance they are hunted down like daemons, so they are very protective.

02-17-2006, 07:40 AM
This is how it got started and also a second update. Im doing this on my spare time so updates may come in slow. In the first I just tried to build the mass and shapes... in the second im working on making them more acurate and building up waaay more mass. Im trying to give this guy a good feeling of mass and weight.

02-17-2006, 08:34 AM
Another update. This one is still split in half so thats why the mid torso looks so hard... but actually its like update 2 where I smoothed the seams.
C&C plz


02-17-2006, 05:35 PM
Just some C & C...So is this a girl monster 'cause those breasteses are way too big for a dude. Especially for someone/thing of his physique.

02-18-2006, 07:21 PM
Just some C & C...So is this a girl monster 'cause those breasteses are way too big for a dude. Especially for someone/thing of his physique.

I'll lower them eventually with the textures coming in... but his going to be that fat actually. You would need that kind of fat if you are to endure very cold weather... he will have some fur but not that much.

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