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02-15-2006, 11:24 PM
Lighting Challenges are scenes that you can download and light to improve or show-off your lighting and rendering skills. For an overview of all of the challenges, the download files, the entries, and tutorials and breakdowns of how they were made, start here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I post images?

A: You can use the "Attach Files" button below your post to attach a .JPG image, which will appear as a little thumbnail below your post that people need to click on. You can also upload your file to your own website or use a site such as www.imageshack.us (http://www.imageshack.us) to upload your image and use the direct link that the site gives you when your done. More information on posting images can be found here (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=267104) and here (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=2541155).

Q: Is it OK if I change the models, shaders, textures, or camera angles?

A: Adjustments to the scenes are OK, and sometimes necessary. When importing models into different programs, you may find that changes are needed to produce smooth looking surfaces. As long as you stay focused on what you can achieve through lighting, instead of trying to impress people with other skills, nobody minds what you edit in pursuit of a high quality rendering.

Q: Is it prohibited to use a technique such as compositing, retouching, global illumination, or raytracing?

A: No production techniques are banned. Go ahead and do whatever you want. However, if you look through some of the entries here, you will notice that many entries achieve strong lighting through simple set-ups that don't use all the fancy algorithms. Don't assume that everyone will like your work better if you use a slower or more complex technique.

Q: Is there a deadline?

A: Yes, there are deadlines posted at the start of each challenge. When a challenge is over, a gallery will be assembled of top entries. However, even after a challenge closes, files will still be available for you to try lighting and rendering the scene yourself.

Q: I posted an image and nobody replied yet how can I get people to give me feedback?

A: There are no guarantees in life, but here are a few ideas for how to get more feedback:

Look at other recently posted work and give other people the kind of thoughtful, constructive feedback that you'd like to receive yourself.
Post a breakdown of your scene's lighting, including screenshots of the lights, renders with different lights solo'd, and passes (if it consists of more than one pass) this informs other people of how you are doing your work, gives people more to comment on, and also bumps your post up to the top in the forum.
If you have specific concerns or problems, mention in your post what issues you are working on or need help with.
Everyone is welcomed here, but please keep the tone of this forum professional in nature. If a post doesn't directly relate to these challenges, please put it in another forum.