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02-11-2006, 02:19 PM
Hello and thanks for your attention!

Im currently planning an amateur game project which shall be a modification for Half Life 2. For those who don't know: a modification (mod, total conversion) is a game, created with costumer tools and the engine of an existing game which is totally legal and desired by the game companies.

"Defender of Mankind" is a fabulous scifi modification for Half LifeČ. It's about a schoolboy being called Alex Brogan who grows up without a dad in the near future. In his fantasy his father is scientist working with aliens. But when he finds out one day, that his dreams are reality, he quests for finding his dad and gets between the fronts of a war between humans and aliens.

Can he prevent the worst?

Destiny's child is for those who are sick of the clone of the son of morpheus' uncle. People who love fabulous scifi movies from the late seventies and eighties like Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. or Starman will love the mod. It shall be understood as an experiment which tries to join classic dramaturgy and games.

The mod goes other ways then the games industry or the modding scene regularly do. The story is the foundation for the whole gameplay and design which is emphasize by it's position in the design document. It comes straight after the chapter which is at least as important: the deadline.

A short version of the design document is still in progress but to finish it i will need some help. You can download it here (http://www.deahendock.de/DoM/DefenderOfMankind.doc).

First i will need a lecturer german/english. You should

> be excellent in written german and english, particularly in grammar
> love games
> study or studied german philology or had a longer inhabitation in germany (at least 2 years)
> have time and interest to squire the project for at least one year
> be at least 21 years old
> be able to work independent.

Also i need 1 or 2 2d concept artist. He/she should

> have very good english skills
> love games
> have a couple of years experience with photoshop or comparably software.
> have the ability to interpret a text and tranfer the situation into a picture.
> be at least 21 years old
> be able to work independent.

This is a project which takes explicit place in your free time. There will be no salary. You will need alot of enthusiasm. I can't and i don't want to force anybody to work. You will devide your time you can and want to spend for the project. You just should be able to give me an overview about your possibilities.

There will follow an updated design document and new job offers soon, here or in other places. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in the above occupation, have questions or remarks please feel free to contact me @

ICQ #124744919
Email schachtelhalm@web.de

Thank you very much and enjoy AWN.com!

Informations about the thread's author:

My name is Uwe Krickelberg and im living in cologne/germany. Im 25 years old and worked as a freelancer level design for the german publisher Data Becker on a professional rts game. I also led the semi-prof. team G-Productions, working on a DirectX 9.0c full-featured game engine (http://www.deahendock.de/G-Productions.jpg). Currently im applying for game design jobs. In my freetime im writing concepts and stories.

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