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01-16-2006, 03:42 PM
I've posted this in the hardware section, but thought it worthwhile to post it here.

Just thought this maybe of interest.

My email to nvidia and response.

Could you please tell me whether we can look forward to any new drivers for the 7800 gtx, which will rectify the dual core/3d applications issue. 82.12 beta seems to of fixed the cpu usage issue, however in Lightwave/modeler the opengl display locks up every few minutes, and you need to refresh to get it working again. I have to revert back to 77.77. I can appreciate that the quadros are aimed at this market, however it does leave a lot of frustrated and dissapointed 3d artist who have invested in the 7800 gtx card. Please give us a bit of support with regards this, it would certainly help regain a bit of faith in your company. Thank you for your help.

Nvidia's response.

In the next driver release. we will provide an option to override our dual core optimizations. Alot of crashes or corruptions in 3d applications which take advantage of dual core/dual processor systems are caused by a software applicatiions custom tuned optimizations which overrite or conflict with the NVIDIA graphics card optimizations.


The problem is being addressed, so thank you Nvidia.:)


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