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12-14-2005, 03:50 PM
I am helping a guy over the intenet making a simple script (I am using 3ds max 8 and he is using 3D Viz 3i). Creating a plane and some omni lights works fine .. but ajusting the lights does not seem to work he says. Does anyone know what the differences is between scripting on these two apps? .. and any ideas why the code below does not work on Viz?
Thanks, Lars

PS: Here my first simple test (animating some lights over 100 frames) where only PART 1 is working in 3D Viz

-- PART 1
Plane length:60 width:120 pos:[60,0,0] wirecolor:(color 8 8 136)
for p = 1 to 10 do
Omnilight rgb:(color 255 255 255) multiplier:0 pos:[p*10,0,10];

-- PART 2
lystabel = for j in lights collect j.name
sort lystabel
antal_lys = lystabel.count
antal_keys = 100
taendt_lys_nr = 1
with animate on
for k = 1 to antal_keys do
at time k
for i = 1 to antal_lys do
lys = getNodeByName lystabel[i]
lys.multiplier = 0.2
)--end i loop

lys = getNodeByName lystabel[taendt_lys_nr]
lys.multiplier = 1.0

if taendt_lys_nr == antal_lys then
taendt_lys_nr = 1;
taendt_lys_nr = taendt_lys_nr + 1;
)--end at time k
)--end k loop
)--end animate

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