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12-06-2005, 09:17 PM
I've been away for a few days, as my computer just kept
getting more corrupted and worse everytime I tried to fix it.
So, I finally corrupted it so badly, that nothing would even work at all!
That's when I knew I had no choice but to reformat and reinstall everything, and uhg.
I'm only just getting my internet stuff back to normal, which is tougher then
you remember from the last time ya did this, which I do this about
every 6 months or so, just because I like a nice clean system.

Also since I was going to do all this, I decided to take a lot
of what I've learned about my new system and experiment.

Turns out, I'm still screwed and truely can NOT run more then 2gigs of RAM in this board,
just like everyone kept reporting they were having problems with as well, even though some don't.
Too burnt out on that to elaborate more.

Anyway, I still have tons of programs to get installed and reconfigured and all that.
The main problem was, when I went to use Ghost to do my backups, "IT!" wouldn't work!
That meant I had to back things up the old fashioned way, of "guessing" which things
needed to be backed up, and you KNOW how much fun THAT can be LOL

Anyway, just thought I'd let some of you out there who have made
replies and haven't heard back from me, know why I haven't replied yet :)

I'll get to them soon enough though, but probably not today.

Anyway, back to the grind.... uhg........ md :)
P.S. And NO, there were NO viruses on my system, it just somehow got corrupted.
May have had something to do with trying to update the nVidia nForce drivers recently?
Cuz soon after that, since they didn't work and I had to do a roll back, things rapidly went down hill.
Though NOW, I am using those same drivers and they work just fine, so go figure?


12-07-2005, 12:42 AM
Just wanna say... Good Luck, md!

Should be getting my new machine Friday or Monday, but ordered it from BOXX. No more 'buildin my own' for me. I'm still fried from my last attempt to build my own, and that was 4 years ago.! I give ya a lot of credit for your determination.

The new system will be similar to yours, md. So, if there's anything really weird you want help with, I might be able to relate my settings to yours. Hopefully, you'll have everything worked out before then. One major difference, tho. I'm getting an MB that takes 16GB ram. But other than that..... :shrug:

As I said... Good Luck!

12-07-2005, 06:48 AM
Thanx Dig, I (mostly) took the day off from the Bi***... er... computer today,

But got back to it a little tonight while watching TV and am getting closer to finishing things up.
And BTW, just so you know, I'm with you! ! !
Next time I build a new system, I'm having THEM! build the flippin thing! ! !
Too much trouble for this old timer LOL

Anyway, I'm going to redo my website before the end of the year.... somehow... and
get my free Materials and everything else posted up for everyone, hopefully for Christams :)

My friend was supposed to help me build a new site, but I am giving
up hope that he'll ever have the time, since he, uh, got a REAL job, gag.

Wish me luck.

Even if I don't get my site rebuilt, I'll post up the Materials and all that,
along with minor tutorials and screen shots, in the next couple of weeks.
I'll get things posted sooner then later, is what I'm saying, and especially,
AFTER, I hit up the Dentist in two days LOL

Got a chip on the bottom of a front tooth... uhg. :)

..............md :)


12-07-2005, 11:22 AM
Sorry to hear about the 'puter problems, Mark; that's always a pain in the butt, no matter why you have to do it. I just reformatted my new computer and started from scratch, but missed some drivers and didn't realize it, so redid it again. Duh!! Did I feel dumb! I always forget stuff, since I don't do it very often.

Glad you're getting it sorted out, though. And I know what you mean about getting websites updated; mine needs updating VERY badly and I just need to find some time!

12-07-2005, 06:29 PM
I just reformatted my new computer and started from scratch, but missed some drivers and didn't realize it, so redid it again. Duh!! Did I feel dumb! I always forget stuff, since I don't do it very often.
Hey, it's not all that dumb, as I've done it several times in the past myself LOL
Luckily not this time though :)

And I know what you mean about getting websites updated; mine needs updating VERY badly and I just need to find some time!
Yeah, I...um... finally a few years ago deleted the date from my site that
was under the counter, as it dated my site soo badly it was embarrassing LOL
I think it was something like `98 or about there!
So, trust me, my site is waaayyyyy in need of a
face lift and really, a whole transplant of everything in it LOL

Anyway, thanx, and I'm almost back to normal.
Part of what you always forget about when reinstalling everything, are the
configurations and such that you once had all nice and setup and running smooth.
I mean, it still takes some amount of sheer time, just to install and reboot, install and
reboot, repete over and over, but getting all those programs back to the cool and comfy
way you had them before a corruption occured, is truely the biggest headache.
And all your cookies and what nots, like pass words for all the sites you visit,
or instant messenger thingies, who remembers all of those sorts of things!?
Not me.
Guess I should some day think of a better plan for those aspects of reinstalling everything?
I'll take suggestions, if you or anyone else has one?
I saved out my cookies folder, but it was useless,
since none of it worked after I put them back anyway.

.............md :)


12-07-2005, 09:47 PM

My puter died on me too the past couple of weeks and I'm still trying to get things working right! I heard a low beeping sound from the hard drive, then got blue screen of death, then puter kept saying bad HD media!

Seems that depending on the order I install things, some software won't play nice with each other. I tried to build up from an old image backup that I thought was good and stable, but am reaching the point of frustration that I'm just going to start from a fresh install.

I lost a lot of good emails and internet sites. All those thousands of LW plugins websites and tutorials gone!
Anyhoo, I thought you might need another bad story to cheer ya up some! LOL Take care...MG

12-07-2005, 10:35 PM
Thanx Mark, and in a perverted way I guess (LOL) it sort of cheers me up,
but I say perverted, as it's not fun to hear about someone else
having to go through this same hell as one's self is having.

What really sucks, is that I got a message yesterday telling me that my display card
wasn't getting enough power to it and that it was going to do "something???" to it,
so that it could still run, which really has me worried, since I think now I know
what that beeping sound was for that I've always been getting off
and on from time to time every since day one.
It told me to make sure I have the extra power connector connected, which I do,
but I have no clue what to do from here and am far tooo tired of this mess
to even want to attempt to figure it out any time soon.
And again, Uhg!

Could it be from all the fans I have in there?
Or is there a way to up the power for the Display card?
"I" couldn't find ANYWHERE where you set the amount of juice going to the card?
Anyone have a clue about these matters?
Here's my system, if it helps any?
RAIDMAX Astro ATX-268 Black CASE (I love this case)
Antec TruePower 2.0 TP2-550W
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo 1GHz FSB 2 x 1MB L2
OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 Platinum
XFX PVT45GUDF3 Geforce 6800GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L120M0 120GB, 150GB, 250GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 HD
Plus a couple of LiteOn DVD RW DL 16x Drives.
XP Pro (not the 64bit version, not enough things work with it yet)
Latest BIOS Beta Build 1009.004
And the latest Chipset Flash (can't recall what version)
Wacom3 6x8

And the worst part is, I'm in the middle of beta testing some software,
so I don't have time for this nonsense, as well as I'm working
with an animator friend on one of his current jobs.

So, I just need to get to that and deal with the rest of this computer yuck, later.
But, I still would like any advice or tips on this stuff.
I have 4 8mm fans in the front of the case.
Should I take those out and replace them with ONE 120mm fan instead?
Would that help with power, or does the power issue have
nothing to do with drainning on the power supply?
I have 2 80mm fans on the side and 2 80mm fans in the rear of the thing.
Now just one in the rear, since I descovered when I was doing all this
stuff that one of the fans back there somehow got a blade broken off.

Anyway, I would think a 550watt PS should be plenty for this system, but maybe not?
I don't exactly feel like forking out another $110 and something bucks for a decent PS.

thanx...............md :)


12-07-2005, 10:56 PM
I read on some other forums (I think NewTek) that a 650W P/S is needed these days especially with dual CPUs.

It could be that your house electricity is fluctuating (brown out) down to a point that affects your PC's graphic card. An UPS would be a good thing to have for this and also complete power outages.

Computers are awesome while they're working, but WHEN they break, and they all break eventually, it SUUUUCKS BIG TIME!!!

Hope things work out for you without too much hair pulling...MG

12-08-2005, 03:09 AM
Actually, I already have a 600watt'r for my 3ghz P4 single core, but couldn't find one,
in a quality brand like this one is, anywhere when I built the system,
or I would of bought that in the first place.

So, it wasn't like I didn't think to get something better, I just didn't find one?
But, I guess I'll check out Monarch again and see what they have now and
maybe I'll just have to blow some more flippin money and get a better PS?
And I just got a Christmas Sale thingy from Monarch in my email today :)

I liked this PS because of the many outputs it had for all my fans and HDs and everything else.
It is also the same system that someone else uses, but I never thought to
ask them if they also had three HDs in their system, like I do?

Anyway, I just got a few bucks in from some animation stuff I did, so maybe this will work out?
But, I also am looking into getting me a different MoBo, one that can for REALS use 4gigs of RAM.

And thanx for that tip/info/rumour that you picked up somewhere,
as it's good to know what others are saying on these kinds of things.
Oh, and I guess I'm still gonna be screwed here, but I probably won't mess
around till the weekend, as now with the newer version of Display drivers,
I keep seeing random pixels crawlying around or just appearing
in odd places from time to time,
like something is crummy.
I didn't have any of these problems BEFORE my computer spazzed out on me.

thanx.............md :)


12-08-2005, 03:47 PM
Hey Mark,

Before blowing more money, why don't you first ask Tech Supt for your P/S and Graphic Card to see what they have to say? Even if they won't refund your money under waranty, maybe they've seen this before and have a fix for ya.

I did some searches on a few forums and came up with a couple power supplies that others use. Not sure if they're compatible with your puter or not, but below there's a link to the spec sheet on one. Hope your puter blues go away soon so you can get back to Vue...MG


SilverStone Zeus ST65ZF 650W Power Supply (nVIDIA SLI Certified). To see more about it, go here: http://tinyurl.com/9ku4h.

Thermaltake PurePower ATX 12V 2.0 Plus EPS 680W power supply.

12-09-2005, 08:50 AM
Nice puter md, :bounce:

Will be building a second pc in the next couple of weeks for Vue going to put one of those dual core AMD's in it so I'm keen to hear how fast your system renders stuff.


12-09-2005, 11:13 AM

The power issue with your card does depend on what rail of the PSU the power is being taken from. Does the video card have a molex socket to attach the power supply? If so, how many items do you have running of the +5V rail?...usually this will include drives (HDD and DVD/CD ROM)...maybe your fans and also to the ATX connector.

550 WATTS does seem enough but obviously something is happening with the supply to the video card.


12-09-2005, 08:23 PM
To Cheers, I bought the killer Antec PS, just for the reason that it had sooo many outputs,
such as TWO extra power (I guess you are calling them, rails?) cords that are specifically
set up for an SLI system, so that each card can have it's own power supply, different
from the rest of the other power outlets from this PS.
As all the other cables coming out it has like four just for SATA drives.
And then a bunch of the normal cables outlets that power things like IDE HD drives
or CD/DVD drives, which I have two of and NO IDE HDs, only the two DVD drives.
I have NO other things, other then the fans, which part of those, three connections
I think?, can at least get part of their power from the MoBo, which may or may not be good?
Or it's something like that? I just know that by connecting to the MoBo for some of the fans,
it lets the BIOS adjust the speeds for the fans, depending on when it thinks it needs to.

But, again, the main issue here I would think, is that I DO have those extra
power supplies that run the display card and I only have one card, not two.

Now, my opinion is, that maybe it was the Quite `n Cool system in the
MoBo BIOS that may be causing these problems, but I could be wrong?
Since it and another similar things in the BIOS control how much power
and other such things, a device/peripheral gets.
And now I've turned off that thing, but now all my fans are running at top speed,
which is very loud, but I also don't think I've heard much, if any, of that beeping sound
from my computer since then? I'll have to do some serious graphics intensive work and
see if I still get that beeping? Which, BTW< I have been getting that since day one,
but never knew what it was from?, just that it was trying to tell my something?

I want to read up on just how much power the card truely needs to run and then see about
what my other hardwares have and need and see if the PS is even capable of delivering that
amount or not and if it can, then I want to see where I can go to change these things?

And to Christie, yeah, I'll get those render times posted pretty soon, but I'm currently
in the middle of a animation project and don't have much time for anything at the
moment as well as I still haven't even finished installing all my apps LOL
But I WILL get to that soon enough and post them, my results that is :)

Also, if I were you, I wouldn't EVEN think of NOT! getting the Dual Core AMD setup and
get the 64bit CPU, but use the current 32bit XP Pro for now and if you NEED the XP64,
just use a dual boot for when you want to run certain programs in 64bit mode.
You will be a much, MUCH happier camper if you just go ahead and get the best
right now, then wasting money on anything else, since all of that other stuff
is going to be lightyears outdated within only a few months anyway.
So, get the AMD64 Dual Core, you won't regret it at ALL! ! !

And thanx Mark for those links, I'll check into those as well as the Antec site for
more info and also the GeForce site for specs on this kind of board, which is the 6800.
Well, all the specs of what I have I already posted, so I won't bother with that again :)

Anyway, thanx to you all and I'll be back with an update.
.............md :)


12-10-2005, 09:47 AM
Get well soon md.

12-11-2005, 06:17 AM
OK, I again got the same message about the Display Card.

This time I took a screen shot to show you all here,
in case any of it makes any sense to one of you here?


I'll take a better look at things tomorrow and double check
how much power I'm putting out and what everything adds up to.
I would think??? that if the PS has cables for all these things,
then it should be able to power them all?
Otherwise, why have more power plugs/cables
then what the thing can actually power?
Doesn't make any sense?

.............md :)


12-11-2005, 05:11 PM

Do you have that "Supplemental power connector" attached like the "Troubleshooting" window says? If so, is it loose or dirty or are the proper voltages on it? Best wishes...MG

12-11-2005, 09:46 PM
Yes, I thought I've already stated that, but I guess not?
Trust me, I wouldn't of ignored something like that ;)
I should of MADE SURE in that last reply, that YES ALL the cables in this system are connected to where they need to be.
As for the being loose, I thought of that one too and want to check it out today,
but I can tell you already, that I remember connecting that thing up the first
time and it was nearly a bear to get on there, it's that tight.
Doesn't mean it hasn't come loose, but I've been in and out of this thing soooo many
times, and THAT cable never moves or anything while I've been checking out the RAM.

But, I also came up with another theory anyway, and that is, that because this PS has
such loose connectors to the SATA drives, that I've been having to use the normal power
connectors for those, by using splitters, which makes me think that that might be drainning
on the power for the rest of the system, even though I can see how that could happen,
since all the power is coming from the same power supply anyway, but maybe I'm just a dumb bell and haven't a clue about power supplies?

I wanted to check out all these things today, and for that matter yesterday,
but! I keep being way too busy with this current job and never get the time!

Anyway, if any of that just made sense and any of you still have suggestions,
like "duh Mark", or anything, I'm open :)

Thanx.............md :)
Back to this animation, wished it would hurry and get overwith.


12-12-2005, 08:29 PM
If that connector was such a bear to put on, maybe a pin got pushed in or bent or put on wrong way around. I would pull it off and check it out real good.

I'm not sure I fully understand about how you have the SATA connectors hooked up. If they were really loose, maybe they arced and caused one or more voltages to degrade. If the splitters you're using are just straight wires, without any circuitry/attentuation, probably not the cause. Unless of course they extend your cables several feet. Besides your drives are working with no probs...right?

Anywho, I'll let you get back to work on your animation. It's great to see that your business is booming...MG

12-13-2005, 01:00 AM
OK Mark, just so you know, when I said it was a bear, I just meant that it was snugg and it has that little latch that KEEPS the cable connected.

It's actualy harder to take off then put on.
So no, I didn't bend any wires or anything, and in fact, all these modern types of plug don't LET YOU be able to bend anything much less put them in the wrong way or anything, as they are all plastic with each little connector with it's OWN plastic hole, just like the kind that has four holes (connectors) that you plug into the mobo for power.
But!, I finally got fed up with nonsense and blue screens that were bitching and complainning about my display card, and decided to yank out those four 80mm fans from the front of this thing abd put in just ONE 120mm fan instead, leass power needed and less wires all over the place cluttering things up. And THEN I decided to just bite the bullet and spend some of that animation money and buy me a nice and I mean, this thing is far nicer then that Antec I just had in there, Pwer supply A 680watt! Power supply from Thermaltake which had all it's cables all wrapped up in material so they were very nice and clean and organised and not zillions of wires all over the place like that Antec PS had.
I'm already loving this new PS and I only just a few minutes ago got this thing back up and running.
It was a nightmare getting the front of the case off, which I broke one of my front devices while trying to do that, but it's just a crack on my front end port/monitor device that I guess I can live with, but I HATE breaking stuff like that. I'm too carefull to be making stupid misstakes like that, and what do I go and do, I make a stupid misstake like that! LOL

Oh well, this thing is running about 5 C's coolor right now then usual, so maybe clearing out all that excess power cables and splitters helped with air flow as well as now I have more power then I need :)

Ok, well, as I was typing this right now, the fone rang and while I was on the fone staring at the monitor, I suddenly seen that that same damm error message popped up! ! !
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ! ! ! ! ! !
What the flip is going on here anyway!
I just spent a forune on this new PS and STILLLL it doing this BS! ! ! !

Friggin, frig!

Now it can't claim it's NOT getting enough pwoer to it!
I have more power then this thing should know what to do with and it's still whining about not enough power and telling me to make sure that that cable on the end is plugged in, which it is, so I give up!

Messages like that, NEVER help out, it's like they're baby talking to you or something, instead of giving you some actual REAL info that a person could use!?
Like I don't know to make sure that that extra plug is plugged in, come on computer, sheesh!
The card is in it's slot, the extra power cable is plugged in, what more could it want!?

And to think, I was about to be all happy, but I guess not?.......md


12-13-2005, 06:25 PM
Oh Dude, what a drag! Luckily, you've still got time to return the new PS if need be.

If you're positive the supplemental connector is OK, then it sounds like your graphics card or driver is the problem. I'm sure you've already tried to clean the card's edge connector and re-seat it and all that. Recommend you give nVidia Tech Supt a call to see what they suggest.

Hope you get fixed soon...MG

12-13-2005, 08:32 PM
Thanx Mark :)
And no, I'm keeping this new PS anyway, just because I like it much better then the other one.
It's cleaner inside my system then before and I like that.
And because of that it also has much better air flow.
BUT!, the MAIN reason I won't be returning the thing, is simply because I DO NOT feel like
dissconnecting all that nonsense AGAIN just to have to REconnect all that BS all over again!
I just can't take any more putzing around inside that thing.

I've read all through the manual that came with the card as well as the manual for the mobo
and couldn't really find any real info that "helps" me out any and last night started to search
at the nVidia web site for some info, but found ziltch, so I'll have to do some more searching today.
Though now I'm back to work again and don't really have the time nor interest in dealing with this mess.

But, I know I have no choice.
I'm going to completely disconnect the card one more time and reconnect the plug one
more time, just to be sure that I've done that for the zillionth time, and after that,
I'll just have to hope I can fix this with a BIOS deal or something, like "manually" giving
the card more power or something like that?
For all I know, maybe it has something to do with nForce or the BIOS version or
maybe even whether or not using the auto settings or not would make a difference,
meaning the Cool `n Quiet and other such things that regulate these matters?
I don't recall any of this happening BEFORE when I had the original BIOS in there,
so I may want to do some roll backs or something, I'll see?

Who knows at this point?

Anywho, wish me luck and I'll let ya know what the scoop ends up being?

...................md :)


12-14-2005, 09:14 PM
You might be on to something there with the BIOS. I would definitely roll it back to see. BTW I've been told by several Tech Supt guys not to skip more than 2 or 3 versions at a time when updating the BIOS. However, I like to play it safe and do them sequentially one by one and check things out before proceeding to the next version.

I know what you mean about popping the hood on the puter! The cringe factor is a killer every time because you never know when the "AAH SH__!" will happen!! Phew! Glad you like your new P/S. I was feeling guilty that I convinced you into buying it and then it didn't fix the prob! Hope you understand that I'm just trying to share ideas that I've learned or read about.

Please keep us posted...MG

12-14-2005, 09:40 PM
Thanx Mark and no, don't feel guilty at all about the PS,
as I am quite happy I made the upgrade :)
And yes, I'll keep this updated to let everyone know what finally happens here,
but today I'm taking a break away from this computer stuff, since
I'm done with that job and I just need some relax time.

Gonna eat and watch TV all day and sleep :)

Brain cells are getting fried out anyway and need to recoupe LOL

Just watching my Munsters DVD collection I recently bought.
Both seasons too!
Nothing beats a little excapism...............md :)


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