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11-07-2005, 02:16 AM
I am having some difficulties with caching simulations with the blastcode plugin for Maya 6.0.
It boils down to two issues:

(1) When I use the record mode to create a *.blt file (blastcode’s .pdc), the simulation keeps looping, even after it has already cached everything.
For example. Say I have 100 frames of simulation. It runs though the 100 frames in record mode, but when it reaches frame 100, it re-starts at frame 1 and re-does the sim. Is this normal behavior?

(2) With the Blast Data Handler, I can specify the directory I want my *.blt files saved in. I can not however, specify the filename. This results in the fact that when I create a new *.blt, the previous one (e.g. BlastData1.blt) is overwritten – unless I explicitly rename the file. I have been messing around with the BlastData1-node, but to no avail.

The whole process of caching sims in blastcode seems overly convoluted to me.

I would love it for somebody to prove me wrong, because I don’t like messing around in AETemplates.

11-08-2005, 07:24 PM
recording in Blast code has it's quirks for sure.

Try this, add 10 or so more frames than you need to the length of your animation, after the record function get's a few frames past the end of what you want, hit stop. Don't allow it to loop back to frame 1 ( i know the manual says otherwise but it's not necessary)
Now before you do anything shift select all your control surfaces and hit play. Now you can move the timeslider back a few frames into the animation and as you do you should see the output window accesing your blast code data.

That's it, delete the BC engine, save the scene out under a new name, unload the BC plugin & load the BCPlayer plugin. Now reload your new scene, and unload the BC pluging again ( it will autoload with the scene)..scrub your animaiton a bit and re save the scene...and your done.

As far as writing over the BC data files, just create a few new folders in your prject ,,blastcode_Data_01, _02, )3 ect. and then record new simulations to your new seperate folders

Hope this help's,,,and have fun this is a killer plug once you get all the kinks worked out

11-09-2005, 12:48 AM
Cheers mate. Much obliged.

Actually, I am changing the code a tad to integrate most of your suggestions - because the BC way is just plain to hard. What *were* they thinking?

11-09-2005, 04:41 AM
go to your preferences and set you playback looping to "once".

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