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10-29-2005, 08:49 AM

help is needed

First off let me explain my situation.
i will be doing a large sequence of animations involving a battle of mechs, formaly form the battletech/mechwarrior universe if anyone is familiar.
One problem i wouldl ike to solve is an easy way to conform the Toes of my models to the ground plain.

an exsample of a model mech is here

now the way my rig is set up i have bones controling weightmaps on the model. the legs are an IK chain up to the ankle. the IK goal null i use also controls the foot rotation, pitch, heading. but while i am able to animate the mechs walking in this fasion, it is increasingly dificult to always move each tow on each leg to conform to the ground plain for each step. each step requiring around 5 keyframs per toe part per foot. i saw toe part casue many of the mechs have a toe that is not just one peace but two.

what i need is help finding a way to set up the toes of these mechs so that when i animate the walking the toes will conform to uneven terrain as well as bend down when the feet lift up.

i hope i have explained myself clearly here.
i would really like osme advice on how to acomplish this goal seemlessly.

thank you,
Jack "Etomthnu telos" Skieczius

oh, btw, i am runing on lgihtwave 8.2

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10-29-2005, 08:49 AM
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