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10-16-2005, 03:33 PM
Hey there!

Im working on this rig for a D3 mod. the character has three tubes going from different parts of his body, onto a tank on his back.
I figured I'd rig this with SplineIk and have one or two Clusters for each tube and animate it like that. Now I Parent Constrained the end joints of each tube jointchain (not the splineik chain) to the joint which has all its influence over the tank geometry. So of course they are going to stay in place when I move the Clusters around, and also when I rotate his upper body.



Now this is of course not what I want since the tubes go through the bottom of the tank and what not.
So Im asking you guys, whats up :) How should I solve this?

Im thinking about maybe running the splineik chain the other way, so that it starts at the tank, and ends at each arm and the head.
But if I do that, Im thinking of not constrainting the end joints to anything but instead just have them hover where they are. Of course this will look horrible at first, but I figure I'd do the animation and then go back and tweek the possitions of those joints so that the geometry stays the way its supposed to. Hmm...

Another idea Im having is to limit the movement of three or so joints at the end of each tube, so that they dont intersect eachother. But I have no idea of how I would go about doing this, expressions you say?

The animations that Im gonna do on the tubes is of course just have it dangle and what not, just secondary motion really. He's not supposed to hold on to any of them or jump rope with them. And other than the default game related animations such as idle, walk, attack and run I'm going to have to talk to the leveldesigners to see whatever kind of animation they'd want for a part of whatever map. But I dont think the tubes would play a much bigger part in any of that than secondary motion still.

Fk perhaps?..

Thank you!!

You know what..after posting this, Ive been walking back and forth in my apartment thinking...I think it might just work if I do it the other way around. And have the splineik start at the tank, and end at the arms, and have the end joint parent constrained to the arm...Ill give it a go later. :)

10-17-2005, 04:27 PM
let us know if that worked :thumbsup:

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