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09-20-2005, 11:24 AM

Is there anybody doing a digital media masters coursework and can tell about their experiences?

it's been told, that you have job opportunities in the following areas:
Film and Video
Interactive Media
Audiovisual Sound Design
Interaction Design
Production Management
Production Design
Script and Project Development
Teaching and Management in Digital Media

09-20-2005, 12:45 PM

I just finished a Masters degree in Digital media in the UK. I would definetly say that its worth doing. I don't know what university you're going to but at mine there was only 13 students in the year. This meant that a lot of the time you got one to one lessons.

We were basically told to choose an area of digital media, Graphics, video, 3D, web design etc and concentrate solely on that for the year. It was really good for me because I got to concentrate on learning Maya fom scratch. Most people learn it at home in their spare time but I got a Masters degree for doing it! Thats too good an opportunity to miss.

One of the down sides though is the other classes you have to take in order to make up credits. For every hour spent on Maya I had to spend at least 2hours learning about contract and copywrite law, Engineering systems, risk management, technology management, project planning, web design etc etc etc

These classes were designed to give you a wider knowledge of the industry which is good but it meant that I spent months revising for and sitting exams on stuff that I will never use again. The step up in exam difficulty from a normal degree to a masters is a big one. We were told at the start of the year that an answer that would be worthy of 3 marks in a degree level exam would only be worth one at masters level. This means you really have to know your stuff.

It also depends what industry you are going into when you graduate, for FX and TV work it seems to me that employers don't really care about qualifications, as long as you have the talent. The video game industry in europe tends to advertise a lot of graduate jobs so you will have an edge with the qualifications.

The other big thing is your thesis at the end of it. 30thousand words on something 3D related is no easy task. You should be prepared at the end of it all to put your life on hold and do nothing but research and type for a couple of months.

Hope thats some help, I would definetly go for it :thumbsup:

09-20-2005, 03:38 PM
thank you Alchemist for your answer.

where did you make your master's degree? and what are the requirements?
i'm very interested to make my masters degree in another country, and uk would be very interesting (maybe london, dublin) as well as usa or australia.

the other classes won't be a problem to me since i'm also very interested in web-design and the other stuff.

09-20-2005, 04:19 PM
I did my masters at Caledonian University in Glasgow. The requirements to get in were simply an honours degree in a media related subject

Heres the info


09-20-2005, 06:09 PM
This is my personal opinion, I believe a Masters degree is a waste of time. Most people who goto school for their masters are doing it so they can teach, or they get sucked in and become a permanent fixture of the school. School is nice because it rounds you out in all the other fields(history, science, psycology, etc...) but when it comes to actually working, 99% of your learning is on the job. Very little of your schooling will actually apply.

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