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tarun jain
09-07-2005, 05:24 PM
hey all,
i have just started coloring my drawings,which r mostly toon. but the problem is that i have a really bad color sense.when i start to color it ,my mind is totally blank.can anyone guide me how i should begin, tutorials or anything would be a great help.
i want a realistic look to my drawings.how do u approach ur coloring part?

09-07-2005, 07:53 PM
If you are stuck, don't just stare at you image, (thinking that colours will popout of nowhere), put down a colour onto your image (an arbitrary colour choice if necessary) and work from there - don't get caught in a creative block!

A colour sense is one thing, colour knowledge is another - seek it out.

Take images (paintings, photos etc) whose colour you like and study/copy them.

Get Johannes Ittens "Art of Color" or "Elements of Color" http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0471289299/002-3270362-1639211?v=glance
You wont regret either purchase.

Search out the many colour resources on the internet.


09-07-2005, 08:44 PM
Hey tarun;

In the color contest,I`m a beginner such as you but a little and useful experiences i`ve gathered which i could share it with you,these are some public rules that a beginner need to know but after some years of practicing it`s your sense and experience who decides "what should i do for this work".
I simplify the rules with some questions as my color books and teachers learned me.so these are the questions you could ask yourself before choosing the colors:

ques_1.Is there a special subject in your work that you must focus on it? or is there a special thing or character which you like the audience see it before the others parts?

re_1:if the responce is ok so you must separate your special subject from the others by its color.It means that you must create a contrast between it and the other subjects in your painting.for example if you choose a warm color such as orange for the special object the other colors should be 1.cool colors such as blue or green_blue or 2.a combination between your color(orange) and the other cool colors(blue or blue_green)....vice and verca....it means that in a canvas that most of the colors are warm(red,orange and yellow) choosing a cool color such as blue or blue_green for your subject separates it from the other colors.....
and another tip:
is the brightness and darkness of your colors.In a bright background choosing a darker color for the main subject brings it up to other colors and vice and versa..in a dark background choosing bright color for the main subject brings it up to other colors.

re_2:if you havn`t any acceptable or focused subject you could create a harmony(balance) between your colors.one of the cases is this that you could use the colors that have the same color in their combinations or in the other hand they`are neighbor.for example:
a convas with these color pallets:blue,green_blue,green
as you see there`s a constant color that`s used once itself and also in other combinations and that`s blue.
these are family colors and if you use them near themseleves all of them have a good conversation.Also it`s ok for warm colors.for example:red,orange,yellow.

ofcousr you need a basic knowledge of color that you could find them here:

these are from great artist Chris Arlidge....I also added one of his great tools for fast color choosing...that`s here in this forum:


tarun jain
09-13-2005, 05:54 PM
thanks guys,
ur help has got me started, i see a new dimension to coloring with those cool tutorials u posted.


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