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08-15-2005, 08:17 PM
I recently set up a RenderFarm for Maya6.5 on the Mac using Qmaster 2.

After much reading, testing, searching and Red Bull, I think I have worked out MOST the kinks.

I'm not much of a script writer, but am learning more than expected without any training. This forum is Two Fold:

1. others like me who just want to render pretty images faster

2. awesome script guys who'd like to help us out

Here is a basic synopsis of how I got my farm where its at.

Install Qmaster EVERYWHERE!

Read through

THE MANUAL (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/Distributed_Processing_Setup.pdf)


THE smaller MANUAL (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/Apple_Qmaster_2_User_Manual.pdf)

•Figure out which computer you want to be the cluster controller.
•On that Mac go into the Qmaster pane; System Preferences>Other>Qmaster.
•Select QuickCluster with services
•Check "share" in the "Rendering" option
•Double-click "Rendering"
•Set up all service nodes you plan on using. This is where I deternimed the names of each node based on each computers username. So the "Host Name" for the node would be "[username]_node". The "Username" matches the username of the Computer used for this Service Node. And the password.
•Identify QuickCluster = [Username]_control *also make sure this name matched in the "Advanced" tab*
•Also under "Advanced", I set a folder for the "Shared Cluster Storage" but have not seen anyhting appear in the location.
•Click "Start Shairng"

Now go into each nodes System Preferences>Other>AppleQmaster.

•Set each node as a "Services Only" node
•Check "Share" for "Render"
•In "Advaced" tab, Identify this computer as "[username]_node" This name will match the name you set up on the Control Machine.
•Click "Start Sharing"

I then mount all volumes in the network on each computer involved in the rendering process.
Now they will recognize each other in Qadmin.

In Qmaster,
•name your batch.
•Select Maya for the command.
•Hit (+)
•For Maya, you need to find "mayaSWrender". Its directory is:
•Enter the project directory for your scene
•Locate the scene to render.
•Enter frames to be rendered
•Steps = 1
•Minimum = 1
•For options, I entered "-n 0", hoping to use ALL processors on the network.

Hit Okay.

Make sure to "Submit to: [username]_conrtol"

Hit Submit.

The files are appearing in the project folder/images.
One problem I've had is that ONLY my Cluster Control was rendering. The frames going to other machines where failing. Once all volumes where mounted, this fixed it's self. Here is the error.

Failed: 3X HOST[username.local]Failed to launch shell command:error.5

Node 1 (DualG5) seems to run smooth. Node 2 (DualG4) shows the qmastertaskd twice in the Activity Monitor. Node 3 (DualG4)shows qmastertaskd shows up in Activity Monitor and oftenshows CPU% at 170%.

Another recent problem is that in a batch render, about 95% percent of the frames don't render. The Q runs through them supper fast, and they say "Success" but they are no where to be found. Then the Q gets hung up on a few frames for a good while and they actually show up in the images folder. I cannot set up a render for 165 frames to only get 5 out of the bunch.

Couple questions:

DO I have to have Maya on each machine? If so, does it need to be lisenced or does Qmaster just need the mayaSWrender file?

How do I redirect each machine's render output to store the rendered files locally?

How do I get the qmastertaskd to show up once on node 2?

If anyone can help me with this problem, I'd greatly apreciate it. Also if there is anything above that seems incorrect, please let me know.

Good luck to all others trying this method.

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