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08-04-2005, 10:17 AM
hello, just wanted to get some crits on this piece of modeling iv been working on. i ent really had much time to do 3d. but il have to buckle down soon b4 the holidays end and i have to go back to uni.

might make the whole body yet i dont know, may even rig it if i have time, but it will probably just end up as a bust.
i want to zbrush some detail on it when i happy with the shape of the base mesh.

what u guys think? :shrug:







08-04-2005, 10:22 AM
I would try to add more detail on the point where the ear is connected with the rest of the head.Maybe the whole ear needs some more detail, since it's so big. Very nice work, very promising.:thumbsup:

08-04-2005, 11:00 AM
yerh i was thinking that too, il have to try and get kind of referance from some where.
i think it may need more detail inside, but i done want to add to much detail, cus i want to normal map it in zbrush.

what do people think to the topology?

cheers for the commment


08-04-2005, 12:51 PM
It's good, but he dons't look like a orc, more like a alien, i think he could become a great alien priest.

08-04-2005, 01:14 PM
its not too bad.. but perhaps looks a lil too much like yoda

08-04-2005, 07:27 PM
see I told U ppl wouldent think it looks like an orc!images/icons/icon7.gif this is not a case of how do U like U'r pizza there is only garlic bread available here!!! I think U shud make it look like a monkey face!

08-04-2005, 07:43 PM
I think he makes a fine looking orc. However, if his ears were a little smaller he might make an even better looking half-orc.

I guess he could also be a sort of hulking, cornfed member of Yoda's race. :D

08-08-2005, 01:26 PM
ok i had like 20 mins to day, so i tweek him a bit just rough to get some proportion going. what do u think i made the lips wider the jaw a bit bigger and the ears smaller.

its just rough remember, i have to clean it up.




08-08-2005, 01:49 PM
Hey man.

Hehe I like that the Orc is a little more originally designed than most so far, but within reason I think stealing a few staple Orc anatomies from the generally normal setup couldn't hurt. The biggie for me is the jaw. In this one book by Carl Hiaasen, a bad guy who had his jaws rearranged with a shotgun butt in his youth is described as having "a crooked mandible reminiscent of a moray eel". This is a little extreme but very illustrative haha. I think if you added a fair dose of weight to the lower jaw all over, it would help to beef up the whole face in general, cus the adjustments in the nostril/filtrum/upper lip area have worked well in this direction so far. Maybe check out giving him some more bone/mass around (edit; not around, under) the eye sockets too?

Keep it going, it's gonna work I think.

08-08-2005, 02:01 PM
safe safe

you kept this one quiet sween, i thought youd just be getting pissed and playing CS all summer.

anyhow its lookin good. i think you should model the body and then i can animate it for you ;).

he's looking a little too friendly to be an orc at the moment tho. needs bottom teeth or change the jaw like Augh said.

good work


08-09-2005, 09:46 AM
cheers for the comments dudes!

i still have a lot of tweeking to do, like i said it was only roughed out, when i get a bit of free time next i will hopefully at some teeth, give him some more orkish features.
might flare the nose a bit, dont know yet.

ne way il update as soon as

oh, and craig u now most of the time iv just been going out and getting pissed, thats all i live for man!!


08-10-2005, 10:47 AM
ok here is another little update, only tweeked some bit don't know if you can nothice it.

the nostrils a little bigger and i added some detail to the ears i think. :scream:
also tweeked the jaw aswell, the othwer pic with the texture is a litlle test i did in zbrush still trying to learn the package, but i has a quick normal map test, didn't turn out to good, think it might be becauase is not unwrapped properly, just used the unique UV's thingy.
ne way thought id share it! :thumbsup:

what do u lot think to the overall head shape now, ne suggestions!






crappy texture

by the way im trying to get the hang of FG but i dont really know how to use it, just been messing around really, does ne one know of ne good TUT's!

cheers again

08-14-2005, 11:39 AM
nice work on the bumps of the eyes and nose.

its looking good sween

08-27-2005, 06:11 PM
ent had much time really to work on this, actually iv just been working on stuff for other people, need the money!!!

but here is a ickle update,

C and C's welcome of course.





08-29-2005, 11:11 PM
nice work, loving the teeth.

looks a lot better now he's not smiling like a happy chappy, a bit of a grimace never hurt anyone.

i'll look forward to seeing it finished.

09-13-2005, 04:48 PM
it's looking pretty nice so far......good job

09-28-2005, 02:35 AM
Yeah that is one ill looking head!!:)

09-28-2005, 02:41 AM
Despite that orcs are usually portrayed with a proportionally large lower lip, I think he still needs an upper lip.

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