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Thank you for your time. I have a recently bought, month old ps/2 keyboard that has backlighting in it which you can switch on and off. Sometimes when it is is switched the keyboard is illuminated, sometimes it doesn't light but there's a brief flash of light asi if it wants to light up, sometimes it does liight all of as sudden. I tried adjusting the cord in case it has lose wiring but it doesn't seem to have that as well as shaking the keyboard, pressing it's casing to check for lose parts but it doesn't seem to have that.

Would this be because that the ps/2 is not providing enough power as I've heard that lack of power if one of the drawback of this port. Would buying a ps/2 to usb keyboard solve this problem?

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Thank you for your time. Does anyone know a hack to make the backlighting on the keyboard and LED light for the CAP lock, num, and scroll a little dimmer? Is it possible to make it dimmer by soldering a capcitor or resistor to it? If so what kind?
I don't think keyboard power..etc is software controlled. If you want to make it dimmer, I guess you can solder a resistor to the LED. I never took apart a keyboard before so I'm not too sure. But resistor is the way to go for dimming LEDs.

07-04-2005, 01:00 AM
yes, it might be a power issue if it is a fully backlit keyboard. try USB.

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