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06-24-2005, 07:17 PM
hi everyone i was all set to set up a new rig as i will be starting my course in 3 d animation soon as my old system is too primitive , i had decided to use a amd 64 bit 3500 processor i wanted to go for a dual core but u see it is not yet available were i stay not even amd 64 bit 4000 series is available, but just the other day when i was looking through a hard ware forum in which i had posted a question one of the person adviced me to go for a intel xenon processor as it will increase my rendering speed,compared to an amd as he says the amd pc are better for games not for application like 3d studio max maya, i inquired about the avaliblity of this processor it is avilable in my country. now the question is which processor should i go for , i dont want to start a amd vs intel war but seriously which one should i go for i am decided to put around 2gb of crosair ram so please tell me which one should i go for i searched the treads over here amd 64 was the commen chioce

also iwas thinking of bying a 6800 ultra yes i know its agaming card but i just dont have the cash for a qudro and now with the arrival of 7800 i am sure price for 6800 utra will fall down also price for 7800 is well in my range and i have a month before i will buld my rig so which card should i go for and why


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06-24-2005, 07:17 PM
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