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04-23-2005, 09:51 PM
hi guys~ this is my first time posting,i hoope i'm posting on the right thread ^^

i have a problem that my textures flickers and doesnt stay where i actually wanted it to be....
i'm using MAYA 6.

i unwrapped my UV after adjusting my blend shapes. then i proceed to riggin and animating

now i wanted to map my texture but when i play my animation it semmed that my textures is out of place.. what did i do wrong... i hope anyone can help..

is there any way i can solve this problem??? i don't want to mess up my animation :cry: :cry:
:cry: :cry: :cry:

can i tweak it in the hypergraph?? i dont really know how to use it so maybe any expert here can give some assistance to this noob ...

thank you~

04-24-2005, 11:10 AM
If you're using a procedural texture, try parenting the 3d placement node to the objects that are being animated...

04-28-2005, 12:21 PM
thanks giodoc for the tips!!

i found a way..... i created a refference object and transfered the UVs back to my original object....

regarding ur method.. i did read somethhing like that in the help files but i'm not so sure about it.can you explain abit about procedural textures and also like what u said, parent the 3d texture node... i'm not quite sure where to find the 3d texture node in the hypergraph? or hypershade? or some other place??

thanx alot!!!

04-30-2005, 09:07 AM
Hi Kerusi,
First a 3d texture placement node in maya is the little wireframe type cube you see in the persp/ortho view, it can sometimes sit below the textured object, or if you look in the outliner/hypergraph you will see an object called 3d texture placment node.
The method I had described would be carried out as follows. Select the geometry, shift select the placement node. Edit menu - parent. This parents the placement node onto the geometry, now when you move the geometry the texture remains intact as the placment node moves with the geometry.

To give a very brief explanation of procedurals in maya:
A 2d texture such as the chequer map in maya's hypershade or a custom file texture you import is like a 2d painting in that it has a finite width an height. So if you apply it to a very large piece of geometry, larger than the textures length and width, it works by repeating itself over the gemetry. Like a tile.

A procedural or 3d texture kind of covers the whole scene (infinite) as it has a length, width and height element. To use a simple example, iits like a large sheet covering the whole scene. The geometry falls under this texture and will look differently textured depending on where it is placed in the scene as the so called sheet may have a differnet cariation of colour/ pattern depending on where in the scene it is placed.

Now the 3d placment node acts as a marker identifying what part of this large texture sheet will be visible on the geometry. So if it is parented to the geometry then when the geometry animates you see the same texture no matter where in the scene the geometry lies...

Hope that doesn't cause too much confusion. I guess the best way to learn this is to try it out with a simple piece of geometry like a cube/plane, and a 3d procedural...

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