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Chris Thomas
04-08-2005, 11:39 PM
CG Academy is proud to announce the release of its first texturing DVD. UV Mapping & Texturing starts our new series by looking at the topics of Bitmap and Procedural mapping & texturing. The DVD has two main sections. The main focus in the first section is on how you can work with UV mapping to get your bitmap textures and 2D procedurals to map correctly onto surfaces using implicit UVs and UV projections.

The second section looks at what procedural textures are, how they can be mapped onto your objects using a variety of schemes, including World Space, Object Space, 2D UV coordinates and baked object space to UVs for when you need to lock your procedurals to deforming mesh surfaces. A common issue with skinned models, and those using a variety of deforming modifiers such as bend, twist, noise and so on.

The DVD concludes with an examination of how a variety of these methods can be used to map a real world model, by using implicit UVs, projected UVs, object, and world space. For more information on this DVD please follow the link below.

UV Mapping & Texturing (http://www.cg-academy.net/pages/topic_texturing/dvds_texturing_fundamentals_01/dvds_texturing_funda_01.htm)

http://www.cg-academy.net/pages/topic_texturing/dvds_texturing_fundamentals_01/TF1_Boxshot.jpg (http://www.cg-academy.net/pages/topic_texturing/dvds_texturing_fundamentals_01/dvds_texturing_funda_01.htm)

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