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03-26-2005, 08:13 PM

I am rigging a face with joints for the over all movement of the head, and the clusters and blend shape for speaking and emotions. I panited all the weights for the joints and etc. I use joints to open and close the mouth, but when i use blend shape to move his eye brow the joint dosn't work any more. I have gone crazy trying to know whats been going, i have redone the whole rig now 2 times. Dose it not work like that, if u are like using joints u can't use blendshpe and vice versa. Could some please help me. Another question is, when setting up blend shape, do i put the clusters on the face i want to have blendshape on or the orginal one? My first rig, i had the clusters on the face with the joint where i wanted the blendshape, but then when i move the joints, (when i wasn't useing blendshape, because as i said before if i use blendshape the joints don't work) i had to parent the cluster to a joint, but when i move the another joint to move the head, everything went crazy, i cheaked the weights for that joint and they were fine. I also looked at the cluster weights and nothing happended when i changed it. So i dont' know whats going on, im sure im doing some thing wrong. Can some please help me.


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03-26-2005, 08:13 PM
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