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03-24-2005, 02:36 AM
Does anyone on here know how to make a good carbon effect so that the weave of the carbon has spec depending on the angle its viewed i.e if veiwed from the side and light source is from above only the horizon part of the weave will shine the light. and also give the effect of a clear gloss coat.

I an using Brazil and the advanced mat. i have tryed making speck maps for the horiz and vert parts of the weave but i cant get it looking right. any of you dont test on this? or even managed to make it? can you please shed some light on this for me.

Ps it for the carbon in a WRC subaru.

Thanks in advance. :)

03-24-2005, 03:32 AM
but in the regular maya shader i would use a sample info node on the specular and probably other properties of 2 shaders, to control the angle at which the specularity of the material shows up. with one material that is set to reflect more when the camera is perpendicular to it and one set to reflect more when the cam is paralell, the exact settings depend on the look you want. put both materials together in a layered shader with a checkerboard mask, for the streaking effect you could probably use a ramp or a noise with the coordinates exaggerated in one axis, i think the whole thing can be procedural...

THEN put this whole shader in another layered shader with another material that is entirely transparent but has just a nice shiny raytraced reflection on it, set to show up more as the material is less parallell to the camera with the same sample info node applied to the obvious channels, and viola, it should have a nice smooth highlight across the whole thing.

this would all be necessary to halfway accurately simulate the different properties of the fiber weave, underneath the clear epoxy or whatever they use, if you have looked at a real piece of CF you will know what i mean. if you just want to see it from far away, put on a checkerboard with two shades of dark grey as the color map and a nice reflection map (or raytraced reflections) set to show up more as the camera is perpendicular to the surface with the sample info node and you are fine :)

hope this is relevant or helpfull...

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