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03-11-2005, 01:30 AM
Good morning.
We are 3 students. Currently we are working on our final exam, a 3d shortfilm.
It should be between 5 and 8 minutes, a little cartoon style. The Story is finished, Storyboard almost too, and we found some nice speakers for the characters. Of course the character models are finished also. More or less. Models and environment are build in C4d and Maya. We are a bit indecisive about which software to use for animation.
Initially we planned to use maya as the primary program for modelling and animation. Weīve had lectures with Maya and Max, but donīt liked 3dsMax at all. After some tests with rigging and animating our figures with Maya, we decided to try cinemaīs animating features also. By reading posts and manuals, some things appeared to be much easier and more intuitive than in Maya. Except Moccaīs Bones and how to handle them. Thatīs strange. But most tools are great and easy to use, e.g. softIK with dynamics. Our equipment in the University is wonderful, thereīs even some kind of motion capture available. But the teachers are not really qualified for this kind of project. Either they use other software like max with character studio, or theyīre more active in other areas of this 3d world.
They suggested to think about Motionbuilder, but had no experience with complexe scenes. I got the basics, how to handle with characterization, rig and story. Really nice.
And tons of questions. What i cantīt find out in fact is the real way using MB. Is it like:
Build up Scene with boned and weighted model and all needed environment in Maya,
transfer to MB, rig and animate everything!, transfer back to Maya,
texture, lightning, render, ready? Arenīt there situations, you have to refine a motion in the render version in Maya? I donīt tested, but it seems to be impossible to really change things outside MB.
I read about the advantages of MBīs workflow, i love itīs rig, things like pinning. But where are the time consuming and troublesome traps you will fall in, when using the described combination for the first time?
Iīm interested in any of your experiences, no matter which software or combination.
Thanks for reading this.
If you like to see what this is all about, char pics and description, i can mail a pdf.
Unfortunately, for now, only availible in german.
Thanks in advance.

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