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03-03-2005, 06:14 PM
I am a student currently, and I was taught on 3D Studio Max. I branched out quickly (because of the pains associated with max) and tried a few different packages and I've actually purchased student versions of Modo, ZBrush and XSI. I've found so far that if I model the low poly in Modo and export, import into XSI as well as Zbrush. Zbrush takes the base model and gives it high poly detail and allows it to go on the low poly model in XSI as normal/displacement map. Then, using XSI's superior animation toolset for the animating and post.
Am I wasting my time becoming proficient in all three apps? I love each one for what it is really good at. I don't feel like I'm adding any steps in because these applications really are synnergistic. Modo is the best sub d modeler... Zbrush is the best organic detailer/texturer...XSI can't be beat in the animation department....

Anyone else using this work flow, or adding others (of course this is barring the much needed always used Photoshop, but that's a given...).???

I really love CG in all it's forms. After school I plan on using my talents for any CG jobs that come along... Games, Movies, TV, Porn... oops.. I've said too much... but seriously, I don't see too many discussions on the subject of workflow, just on which app is better than another, and I don't really see it that way... am I off base?

Thanks for the reply!

03-03-2005, 08:58 PM
Man, that's been discussed pretty often already. But here we go: I'm currently using Silo and Wings for modeling (cause I can just work reasonably fast with both of em), ZBrush for Micropoly Displacements or Normal Maps and Maya for Animation/Rendering, allthough Maya sucks when it comes to rendering (Renderman for Maya 1.0 - early 2005 *cough*!).

And you'll never waste time learning new software, since they all work pretty much the same... no matter what you use, you'll quickly see that most rules apply to all of the different applications out there. It's more of a "which pencil suits my needs the most?" question. If you're happy with your 'toolpipe' and the way you work, then you're blessed, man :)

03-06-2005, 08:29 AM
How about Renderman, to add a little juice...? (hm, hm, you take your 5000 poly creature, turn it subd, add your fabulous displacement, and render in a few seconds... hm?)

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