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02-23-2005, 08:18 AM
Heh, for some reason, my sister's computer got some problem.
She was working with some art in photoshop (The CG Talk fondamental 2 point wiew stuff) when she got the lust for a break, so she clicked on the Firefox shortcut, and her computer did a restart, and the noise was ill.
So after the restart, the computer did another restart, the noise didnt stop ether, what is the reason why my sister figured she would pull the plugg.
We tought the computer might have overheated so we figured we would try to start it a bit later.
An overheating, is, in my opinoin, an illogic reason, atleast now that I look on it. The computer had been on for only 7 hours, it's been on for well over 3 days before.

Well, when she started the computer she got 3 choises-
1) restore
2) format and restore
3) abort and turn of the computer.
Not spelled like that, but those were the basic principles of the coises.

Number 1, restore, is what we tought would be good, so we tryed that, and some text came, unimportant text about hitting next to start the proceedure. After reading it, we hit the next button, and the timer went, after that, windows ran some sound controll and similarities, and the computer came to a point where it said that you had to hit the next button to start the winders of windows. After doing that, the computer started to think, but it never stoped. After two hours she figured that she would pull the plug and try again.
After doing that, the same problem occured.
When we start the machine at this time we come to the "Click next to enter windows" screen.

And then she started it with a Windows XP pro uppgrade disk in the computer, what took her to DOS after she said she would restore windows.
In dos she noticed that all her artwork and stuff is still in the computer.

So, is there some way to fix the problem? It would also be nice if her art could be saved, There's a lot of unfinished stuff in there.

She got an AMD Athlon XP. It's an allreddy build machine from HP.
GeForceFX5500 GFX card, it was bought with 512 MB RAM, uppgraded to 1 GB, it got a wacom plugged in, and some stereo's, bout of those didn't come with the machine.
160 GB disk, and it had Windows XP Home Edition running with Norton 2005.

Norton cought a Worm just one week before this happened.
There was also a porno poppup one week before this happened, so she ran Ad-Aware.
And that's about everything I bellieve is relevant. If there is anything more, just ask.

I hope you understood my crossover between Norwegian and Broken English.

02-23-2005, 10:58 AM
It is safest to treat the disk as faulty and stop using it! If you continue you may be damaging it further and risk losing your data completely.

Get a new disk installed and when it is ready, you can attach the suspect drive as a second drive to get your files from it.

Once a drive has problems it is always suspect and I would no longer use it as a main dirve in any case.

02-23-2005, 01:23 PM
So you think that it is a disk problem?
Hmmm... I do at this moment have a portable disk, can it be of anny use?
I can also use my computer for helping, if it can be of anny use.

Howewer, as bout me and my sister bellong to the "Buy and use" cathegory, and not the "Build, tricks, fix, and make, then use" cathegory, this computer was bought with windows and everything installed. If we got a new disk, would this require us to buy a new version of Windows?

My sister also hold a boot disk in her posession, could it be of anny use if the disk was formated?

I had problems with my computer before, but I had no boot disk, and that's all the problems I have had, so I am sort of unexperienced with boot-disks and such. :)

02-23-2005, 11:51 PM
Sounds like you will have to take the machine back to the supplier, especially if Microsoft licensing is involved.

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