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02-03-2005, 10:29 PM
We over at www.blackdragonmod.com (http://www.blackdragonmod.com/) are making a Half Life 2 Mod called, you guessed it "Black Dragon".
We're currently looking for some help to bring this mod to life but before that here's some info about the mod itself.

What is Black Dragon?
Black Dragon is a single player modification with an immersing story that grows with the character.

The player takes the role of a Unity soldier sent to help secure Gaia IV. His name is James Henderson, son of David Henderson, Gaia III's hero. The strong military influence present at home made James an excellent student in the Unity Academy. He graduated with honors, and received recognition for his excellent tactical expertise and handling of fire arms. His first assignment was at a campaign to secure a Trinomite asteroid. Trinomite is the primary resource used in the production of space crafts for both groups.

James's excellent performance during that campaign got him named to the Black Dragons, an elite group of soldiers able to handle any situation. His first assignment as a Black Dragon is to help secure Gaia IV, a newly discovered Earth-like planet.

As the player you will take part in large scale battles in huge, lush environments. You will feel overwhelmed, but you will have control. With the help of high end AI available from the Source Engine, there will be dynamic results to battles. Each result will be reflected as the game progresses.
The only way to lose is to die. If your side loses a battle you accept the consequences and move on to the next mission.
Each action by the player is tallied. Honorable actions will result in raise of rank as well as other benefits. Going against your orders will have the opposite effect.

Help Needed:

We're currently looking for:
and Texture Artists

No previous experience is required in modding, but it would be helpful if you could supply us with a sample of work you've produced for whatever position you wish to fill.

If you're interested then please E-mail:

kris.kruk@gmail.com (kris.kruk@gmail.com)

With your name, the position you want to fill and a link or an attachment to a sample of your work.

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