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12-05-2004, 05:45 PM
Hey folks. I have a model that has a material for the hair of the scalp, the eyebrows, and also one for the eyelashes.
When I go to apply a density / length / direction map onto the mesh of the scalp, the files gets currupt and displays the " type " of map repeatedly.
I thought I had a fix for this by importing the model into a new 'model'.
This was fixing the repetition problem - but only because it deletes the materials.

I will have to create a seperate model ( just the scalp ) and merge the face with the scalp model in a choreography. When I do this, how will I merge the two models into one ( If I animate it, the scalp won't move with the rest of the body because it is not part of the skelatal system.

Also, does anyone know how to fix the previous curruption problem ? (BTW, I can add a decal in the " image" section in the materials property box , but what I need to do is actually apply the decal to the underlying scalp ( for density )


12-05-2004, 09:10 PM
If you change a map type to properties driven and then add a property, it will show you a list of hair properties that it can drive, but it will list them for every emitter applied to the model in the order they are in the PWS. You have to pick the correct property out of the list.

12-06-2004, 10:43 PM
In other words, you get a list of properties ( density, length, direction, diffuse color )repeated on top of each other - one stack of properties for each material in the project ?

I tested this out and applied a decal to the scalp of my model. I tried each one of the options in the stack .There are seven stacks of property options , but I have only five materials - one of which isn't even a hair material. ( Porcelain ). :shrug:

BTW : I'm running a 1.6 centrino tablet PC ( a Toshiba M200 ) with a single stick of 1 GB . I scan for viruses daily.

I'm not too worried now because I manually pulled each one of my models hairs into place using the brute force method.

For the main hair of the scalp though, I will have to build a seperate 'wig' model and merge the two in a choreography.


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