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11-27-2004, 06:36 PM
The idea is very simple:
Today's CG is getting way too similar and monotonic. A few works are quite original, but even those are not so revolutionary.
Therefore, we need a rebellion. We need to create something completely new and original.. and not something slightly better than before.. it needs to be something radically creative!

So.. what exactly will be our purpose?
Our purpose
- is to deviate from the convention
- is to break all the rules that tell us how CG art should look
- is to create something so original that it will make a difference in CG
- is not to attempt at any fame. (This should only be a side effect of our effort)

How we go about this?
We start with the goal being a still Image. One that breaks down all the conventional barriers of CG.
If we are successful, we move on to making a Short Film.

Here's how time will be divided for creating the still image:
70% will go into the concept.
30% will go into making the art.
This doesn't mean it will be extremely easy to create the image once we decide on the concept. It simply means we will be spending a whole lot of time trying to come up with an original concept.

If you are interested, send me a Private Message.

the reason for this project:

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