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11-14-2004, 07:21 PM
i am sorry I know I shoud search and I did but I did not find anything conclusive. so please which one is the best, which one is good?

11-15-2004, 02:51 AM
I haven't researched the Wacoms for a while so my info may be a bit off, but I think this is right. The Intus line is better than the Graphire line. The Intus line has about double the pressure sensitivity and can also tell which way your stylus is rotated (which the Graphire can't). That being said, they are both very good. It depends on what your needs are. If you're wanting to do very detailed, intricate work, I'd reconmend getting the biggest Intus your budget will allow. If you don't have as big a budget and intricate work is not what you're getting the tablet for, go for the biggest Graphire you can afford. Basically, the more room you can get, the better. I used a Graphire 2 4x5 for years and rarely found something I couldn't do, but I mostly used it for illustrating cartoons. So yeah, there are my two cents.

11-15-2004, 02:56 AM
All you have to do is to browse to the second page:


The Gunslinger
11-15-2004, 11:28 AM
I had been googling prices for the Wacom Intuos line tablets and I came upon an archived thread about this in which Lunatique had said that 6x8 was about all you needed and in the industry he hardly saw anyone use anything larger than a 6x8. So I decided that 6x8 was probably a good size for me.

Also, I would suggest getting an Intuos 3 because if you look hard enough you can find the Intuos 3 6x8 tablet for about the same price as an Intuos 2 6x8. Perhaps $30 more. Really that's not a lot to get the next step up.

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