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10-30-2004, 10:24 PM

I know that I should ask this over at SoftImage site but because I can not get into the program, I am not able to get my customer id...

Here is my delema (spelled bad I know http://www.xsibase.com/forum/YaBBImages/smiley.gif ), I just purchased XSI Foundation today (I used EXP many months back), I then went and dl'ed the demo... I have the key number that was emailed to me... but for some reason whenever I try to run the exe I immediately get the message

Application failed to start Scripthost.dll was not found Re-install the app may fix the problem,

Well, I have downloaded the program 3 times, I have tried to install it 5 times and I keep getting the exact same message... so I figure it is either missing the file fom the dl (not too likely or many people would be complaining) or I need todo something on my end... I guess I can wait for the real program to arrive in the mail, but I would like to get some time in with it before it arrives...

Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?
Thanks for the time and help

[EDIT] OK, it's unfortunately a by product of all these years of Windows use (look for the XSI.exe file and try to run it :( ). I should have read the directions which clearly say to use the XSI.bat file (boy do I feel alittle dumb)... when all else fails... RTFM :)


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